Can there be a real career in painting

Painting is probably the oldest art form we have. The history of this art dates from cave paintings to modern art. The art has evolved in the forms water colours, acrylic paint, oil paint and tempera paint. Wood and stones are also being used nowadays in art. Sales and auctions of modern art are earning thousands of dollars to painters. This also proves that painters can have well earning careers.

Painters are also diversifying their roles. In many gentrification projects, they are being involved as art directors. Huge buildings, railway stations and roads are being used as canvases. Governments are commissioning artists to beautify their administrative offices and properties. Rehabilitation of damaged areas is also happening under the guidance of talented painters.

How can painters earn?

You don’t have to be a top artist working in modern art to earn respectable income through painting. Painters can earn good income by working for government or being an art teacher. You can also earn through painting by taking independent painting classes and workshops.

Qualifications of successful painter

There is no bar of qualification in the art field. If you are talented enough to express complex emotions through paintings, then you can go a long way. Some people attend fine arts college to learn the technical aspects of the painting. These schools teach brush strokes, colour combinations and theories behind a good painting.

If you wish to work in a museum, then Post Graduate Diploma in Museum Management or Curation will help you to get the job. To work on the restoration projects of the old paintings, you have to earn Master’s or Bachelor’s degree in fine arts. You will also have to learn technical aspects of restoration.

Major universities around the globe offer these courses from the school of arts and aesthetics. The students are trained to understand various era of painting such as medieval, ancient and renaissance era paintings.

Colleges also place their students at various centres of arts and culture for compulsory internships. This helps them to understand practical aspects of their career.

How to begin the work in painting?

Requesting museums and art galleries to display your work would be first step for any painter. It doesn’t have to be full-fledged exhibition. You can tell them to display your work at small corner in the museum.

You can be successful to sell the art to private collectors this way. The internet is also helping painters to collect with genuine buyers. Hunt for such web portals.

For the specialized careers such as restorations, keeping an eye on the career sections of museums and arts galleries will help. You can also get many junior level jobs there. Positions such as archivists, art directors and curators are specially reserved for talented painters. Some artists have even managed to run independent art studios and galleries.


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