Career options after B.A. in English Literature

Are you one of those people who enjoy being transported to unknown lands, to meet unfamiliar people and cultures through the medium of books? Do you consider your day incomplete if you haven’t read a page a day? Then you are supposed to be doing your bachelors in lingua franca of the world, English!

It is imperative to note that, a degree in B.A English is not a scoreless degree that hopeless individuals pursue to kill time until they get hitched or they get a job abroad! No.

It’s not also a degree that English teachers pursue to get the license to preach and spank in English.

This degree in fact has an wide range of job opportunities. Here are few career opportunities after your BA English degree:-

1) Advertising and Marketing

Thanks to the digitized age we live in, there is a boom for creative jobs that require good knowledge of the language as well as command over English! Content writers, copywriters, bloggers, freelancers, scriptwriters, playwrights, authors and editors are all jobs where in graduates and post graduates of the language, who also have a flair for creative writing can work their magic!

For advertising and digital marketing a short certificate course, after your graduation, in the respective fields will greatly aid to understand the industry requirements as well.

2) Performing Arts

Often quite a few people, who are lovers of theatre, movies, music and dance pursue their paths after a BA in English.

This adds to their knowledge of the written word that most definitely aids them to hone their craft in many remarkable ways.

Don’t we personally love video and radio jockeys who have a gift of the gab and an effortless way to communicate in English? That too is a lucrative career path awaiting you BA grads!

3) Teacher, Lecturer, Professor, Researcher

This has been the most often sought after career path for graduates and post graduates for long.

It’s a brilliant choice if you happen to be someone, who has the charm and knack to capture attention of your students along with lots of patience!

There is nothing more beautiful than seeing your love for something being carried forward by somebody else, if you believe you can do that, then just go for it!

For a lectureship you will have to appear for the UGC NET exam after an MA degree, if you nail it the perks are commendable! You can even become an online tutor or start tutoring after a considerable amount of experience so that you get to put your hard earned degree to real good use.

4) BPOs & KPOs

Although this sector is infamous for the lack of career growth and job security, the Indian KPO industry comprises 70% of the global KPO industry. So, if you have an appreciable level of fluency in English with a great command over UK and US accents, then your prospects have sky rocketed!

5) Miscellaneous

Front desk jobs are always on the lookout for people who are super smooth with their communication skills in English. Likewise, jobs as interpreters and translators are also really good opportunities that await graduates of BA English with great communication skills.

So, do not fret thinking about what next after your B.A degree! There is an ocean of opportunities beckoning you to come and play along!
To wind up, always remember what Shakespeare said, ‘There is nothing good or bad, only thinking makes it so’!

(Dr. Aardhra Krishna, the author of this article, is a Dentist by profession, and writing is her passion)


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