Get lost in a forest to gain your motivation

During a journey with your friends along a dense forest, you lose track and get separated from your team. You immediately start searching for them through the forest by choosing a path, which you feel, is the one that will lead to them. Unfortunately, after all your efforts, you reach a dead end. You now have two options-

  1. pick yourself up and try another path to reach your team, or
  2. lose hope; think of collecting some wood and twigs for fire, make a tent and live there in the hope that someone will come and pick you up one day.

Though the second option may sound interesting to some of you, in all practicality, each of you would go for the first option viz., making new plans or take a new path to reach your team.

As a student, you are on a similar journey. A journey in search of understanding and learning things, realising your strengths and weakness, and choosing a path for better life.

In this journey, from school to college and forward, sometimes you may falter and could be left behind. You miss an exam; score low or fail in a subject; choose the wrong stream, or even lose a year.

These failures may lead you suddenly feeling scared, lonely or detached from others; your efforts may seem wasted, or you feel left out not knowing what to do next.

The experience could be seen as similar to the situation if you had got stranded in the forest. If then you had chosen the first option, here too you should take these failures in your stride and look at alternatives or prepare yourselves better to face them next time.

A year lost, an exam failed or similar such failures are just like that one dead end. Stop exaggerating that one wrong decision or route as the “only” or ultimate one.

You should not lose sight of why you started this journey. The journey was never about the route, but the destination that gives you a sense of achievement or happiness.

So, if one route doesn’t take you to it, try again, or take an alternate one, until you are confident you are on the right path.

How many of you have asked your doctor whether s/he failed in any of the subject in their school days? whether they cleared the entrance test in first attempt? or did they ever lose a year during their Medicine days? Almost none of you would have ever asked such questions.

Is it because you believe all doctors are fail proof? Or, that they aced at every step in their career and never faced failure?

No. The real reason why you never cared to ask such things is because as far you were cured of your illness, you didn’t bother. You may have realised over the years, that s/he is a good doctor, irrespective of how they might have fared at school.

Thus, you see, the only thing that really matters in the long run is what have you achieved at the end of it all. The little failures of today is not what determines your future.

As a baby when you took those first tiny steps, you fell many a times. Yet you continued and began to walk and run. Imagine if you had never got up after that first fall, would you ever be able to walk?

The baby never thinks of people or things around it. S/he is determined to try walking at the next available opportunity.

If you are walking and running now it means you were a strong baby then, who decided to try walking, irrespective of how many times you fell or whoever witnessed it.

After all these years, as a grown up kid, you should be much stronger and a smarter person to simply sit and sulk over little setbacks.

To conclude, take your chances, ignore and correct your failures, because if you are determined to succeed, little disappointments will not hold you back.

To quote, Whether you think you can or you think you can’t, you’re right.” –Henry Ford.

(The author of this article is a Career Advisor in the field of Education)


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