Is Gemmology a viable career option?

Are you a gem kind of person? Has gemmology always interested you and kept you intrigued? If so, then may be you should take up the study of gems as your career. Gemmology is a process of dealing with natural and artificial gem stone.

This study is a major branch of mineralogy and is also considered to be a geoscience. Many jewelers have studied gemology and have an eye to understand and evaluate gems.

Following are the duties performed by a gemologist:

  • Identifying the gems and stones
  • Grading and giving them ranks as per their quality
  • Appraising the gemstones

There are times when a gemologist can evaluate and give details about the gem by just looking at it. But there are times, when two gems look identical and tests or series of tests have to be done to determine the true identify of a gem stone. When gemstones are identified, they are analysed and then graded.

Gemologists test the features, clarity, colour and other properties of these gemstones to give them grades. Then they appraise the stones on the basis of these properties.

Career options in Gemology

There are plenty of career options in the field of gemmology. Following are the job options ready for you once you have studied gem stones

  • Jewelry Business Owner: Once you have studied about stones, you can start with your own business about jewellery line. Since there is demand in the market for gem stones, your qualification can work as an added advantage to your sales.
  • Gem Buyer: You can also work as a mediator or seller of gems to jewelry makers. With this you do not get into the production level of jewellery but supply gems to the creators.
  • Research Professionals: Since, there is a demand for researchers to look for new soils to excavate and conduct research, you can take up this as your career path.
  • Diamond Manufacturer and supplier: Diamonds are the most expensive gem stones and has a lot of demand. You will have great finances pushed towards you if you take up this as your career.
  • Work at the museum: You can work at the museum or any other arts showroom. You can help the organization with knowledge and continuous information about gem stones.
  • Marine Wealth organization: You can work with treasure hunter organizations that dive down oceans to study the ocean beds and minerals attached to it.
  • Other career options include appraiser, staff gemologist at a jewelry shop, instructor and other loose stone dealers.

Course Eligibility

For admission in to a Gemology course, one needs to have completed 10+2 or graduation in any stream

Skills & Interest for a gemmologist

A Gemmologist pretty much start their career in sales. You will be mostly working as a salesrep in a jewelry shop. Hence, possessing good communication skills is vital to this field. You must be able to tell your customers the minute quality differences between gem stones. Thus, having good technical knowledge and deep interest in this field will help you gain deeper knowledge and faster career growth in this field.

Studying gems is an art that keeps growing with experience. The number of years that you have spent on your research and tests adds to your knowledge. Following are a few reputed universities that provide gemmology courses in India:


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