Is there a real career in Dancing?

So, you can Dance, and dance really well. Now, all you want to know is whether you can fuel this passion and skill of yours in to a successful career? The answer is yes, you definitely could.

If you are daring enough to look for a career in dancing, then congratulations!!! you are really blessed. Unlike a few years ago, today there are numerous career opportunities for a good dancer. Read on…

Eligibility to become a dancer:

Although a formal education is not mandatory for a dance career, it is essential to undergo training under an experienced dancer or from a dance school of repute. This would fine tune the sensibilities and skills an individual will need to embrace as a dancer and also learn techniques on how to teach others.

Always remember a degree/certificate never hurts anyone!

Career prospects:

1) Becoming a choreographer in television or in the movies

A choreographer’s job requires an agile and creative mind with the ability to reproduce the dance routine or movements in accordance with demands by the script. It is a highly coveted job.

To gain a foothold in the entertainment industry as a choreographer, is however, an uphill task. The working hours are not often fixed, is dependent upon the shooting schedule of the show/movie etc.,

But opportunities of working on such projects and travelling along with the crew members is one good experience to gain.

The remuneration for a choreographer is highly reliant on the production houses that are associated with a project.

If you want to become a choreographer then let the career of the ace choreographer like Prabhu Deva, Saroj Khan, Remo D’Souza etc., inspire you.

2) Own a Dance Studio / Organise Dance Shows

Getting a platform as a dancer is not much of an herculean task today as it was a decade back.

The surge of reality shows, that are dance based, in difference television channels, have undoubtedly helped hundreds of aspiring dancers to kick off their careers.

Most of the contestants from such shows go on to launch their own dance studios or get many offers to showcase their talents by organising dance shows. A recent example being Shakti Mohan, winner of the Dance India Dance show. Check out her dance career after winning the reality show – HERE

3) Background dancers

Every Bollywood movie is stuffed with synchronized dancing supported by hundreds of dancers in the background! These dancers are handsomely paid, too!

Hence, while you are starting out, make some money and contacts by being a background dancer in Bollywood movies. Many famous dancers and personalities have started their career as background dancers.

4) Musicals

We all know the musical that model and actress Gauhar Khan has been starring in for last 5 years- Zangoora!

Many such musicals at small and big levels are now making their ways in the minds of matured Indian drama loving audience. If you have an inclination towards telling a story by your dance, then your craft could be much in demand now!

5) International Stage Shows

If you become a trained Kathak or Bharatnatyum dancers then you can organize your very own stage shows internationally. The Indians residing across the globe love to stay in touch with their roots and they love to host trained and professional dancers to showcase their talent and help them celebrate their roots!

6) Fitness Trainer

In the world suffering from health issues like diabetes, blood pressure, weight gain, stress etc., dance in the form on Zumba, Aerobics, etc are doing huge business! Many prefer to dance their way to fitness than the regular and monotonous exercise routines.

The potential for this business is practically ever growing as people like to adopt one or the other form of dance form to stay fit!

Quite a few gyms, colleges, corporates etc., pay hefty amounts to dance experts in such fields.

7) Dance Teacher in schools or dance studios.

If you cannot afford to start a studio or do shows, being a Dance instructors is a good alternative.

You could join as Dance Teachers and Instructors in dance shools. It is also a way to earn a steady income alongside the experience of moulding future kids’ talents.

If your feet can dance and your heart beats to make the world dance; start early and make a career in dancing!


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