Planning a career in Physiotherapy – Read this

Gone are the days when physiotheraphy was only limited to working in hospitals. In today’s world, physiotherapy has become an important aspect of daily fitness, from sportsperson to even common man.

The physical stress in the modern world is taking its toll on our health, while extreme competition in the world of sports needs you to be in supreme fitness round the clock. All this has boosted the scope and career opportunities in the field of physiotheraphy, wherein an expert in this field viz., a physiotherapist, helps you overcome your physical pains and keeps you fit and running.

The first few steps for career in physiotheraphy

Students who are looking forward to make a career in physiotherapy must do innumerable research and analysis before pursuing this course. Moreover, you need to prepare yourself, that, this is what you want to do in your life.

The job of a physiotherapist is quite challenging but there are chances that you may earn a lot too.

Physiotherapists need to perform calculations to detect diagnosis and select an appropriate physical therapy that treats the patient in the best possible way.

If you start early, as a physiotherapy examiner, you will have an upper hand in this profession. You start knowing about the human body and later on branch yourself in specialization like geriatrics, paediatrics, orthopaedics, neurology, cardiorespiratory and other areas.

How to start?

Before getting into the degree course, a candidate needs to meet certain specific requirements. A candidate who has studied psychology and social sciences has an upper hand because a base for physiotherapy is set during these courses. A student who has studied life sciences also has a good chance to take up the course.

Candidates need a good foundation in English, Maths, Chemistry, Physics, Biology and Physical Education.

A candidate should take up the science stream post 10th grade and then go for a bachelor’s degree in this field. Following are the 3 levels of education courses that you need to take up:

Bachelor’s in Physiotherapy

Eligibility: 10+2 years with Biology as on one of the subject. 50+ marks in every subject

Entrance: CET

Best Colleges:


Apollo College

Madras Medical College

Indian Institute of Health and Research

Diploma in Physiotherapy

Eligibility: 10+2 or its equivalent

Best Colleges:

Rajiv Gandhi Paramedical College- Chennai

Aligarh School of Nursing

A.D.N Institute of Paramedical


Eligibility: Post Graduation in Physiotherapy

Best Colleges

J.M.I Delhi

D.Y Patil University Pune

When you apply for colleges/ universities look for the reputation and faculty members. Also the main crux of your course should be verified and approved by the IAP (Indian Association of Physiotherapists)

Job Prospects

  • You can take up jobs at hospitals, rehabilitation centres or do something of your own viz. private practice.
  • Professional Atheletes and Teams involved in all kind of sports constantly need physiotherapists for their personal and team support. With cut-throat competition it becomes extremely important for them to be in the best of their physical fitness during sporting events and all through their sporting career.
  • Physiotherapists also work at schools, nursing homes, armed forces, industrial health departments and universities.
  • As, there are a lot of private health, fitness and wellness centres comping up in country, there will also be good demand for doctors and physiotherapists in this field.


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