Scope and Careers in Travel and Tourism

Tourism and hospitality are the most demanding fields these days. This industry contributes to largest foreign exchange and thereby helping in the country’s economy. This is the only industry that includes multiple Government and non-Government departments.

Travel and tourism provide employments to thousands of the people in various private sectors as well. Tour operators, travel agencies, hotels, airlines, local cabs and other companies offer multiple technical and non-technical profiles with various qualifications.

Scopes and Career in Travel and Tourism

With its wider coverage all over the world, travel and tourism provides a handful of opportunities. The candidates who have opted to complete their education in this field have high potential in both Private and Public sectors.

  • The tourism professionals are more in demand for private airlines. These airlines are also having tie ups with international airlines, that open wider, the doors of success.
  • Hotels are appointing smart representatives, HR executives, sales, operations and account teams along with food inspection and engineering team.
  • At domestic level, the tourist seeks help from tour operators and Travel agencies which recruits, HR manager, personal tour guide and tour management officer, marketing staff etc.
  • Tourism department consistently requires front desk officers, reservation and counter staff, Tour planners, Sales and marketing executives, promotion and advertisement professionals
  • Professionals with qualified degrees and civil services are more likely to be selected as Officers in the Directorate and Departments of Tourism
  • Candidates with the academics of history, art and architecture, archaeology and monuments are holding posts of Information assistants at the tourist spots.

Current job profiles in Travel and Tourism industry

Tourism Department, Travel agencies

  • Reservation staff
  • Front Office executives
  • Back Office staff
  • HR and public relations executive
  • Sales and Marketing staff
  • Tour escorts and tour operators
  • Cargo and courier agencies handler
  • Tour Planners and Tour guides

In Airlines

  • Traffic Assistance
  • Reservation and Counter Staff
  • Airhostess and flight pursers
  • Customer service executives

In Hotels

  • Front office
  • Housekeeping
  • Food and Beverages
  • Accounting,
  • Engineering/ Maintenance
  • Public relations

Eligibility and Course Requirements

There is no specific eligibility criterion for travel and tourism education, it depends on your willingness to opt for the course levels. There are courses for Graduate and postgraduate level while for the short-term options, Diploma and Certification in travel and tourism is available with private training programs by travel agencies.

MTA is the postgraduate degree in this sector with two years of the curriculum. Requirements: The candidate seeking for graduate level course must pass higher secondary exams. However the PG (post-graduation) seekers must have a graduate degree in any stream, they must clear the entrance exam, group discussion and interview. In some cases, they require proficiency in a foreign language.

Skills you need or to develop in the travel tourism

  • Presentation skills
  • Fluency in verbal communication
  • Knowledge of English and local languages
  • Hospitality and Friendly personality
  • Patience in handling people
  • Organizational and management skills

Above all, this sector is purely for the candidates who love to explore. People who work well with a team and believe in problem solving can opt for a career in travel and tourism.


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