Steps to becoming a successful TV anchor in India

Do you ever get inspired by the anchor of favourite TV show or news channel? If you have at least once tried to imitate them in front of the mirror then you must give a thought about being an anchor on television.

An ideal anchor would be the one who likes interaction along with informing and educating the audience. The space for anchors is constantly growing today as we have huge number of TV channels due to digitization. The online space is also increasing day by day through popular mediums such as YouTube.

More specialised fields like TV News anchoring requires extra domain knowledge of current affairs and discussion skills.

Overall, the anchor is ultimate link between the actual show content and the audience. He or she guides the viewers through the story of various kinds of shows such as comedy, reality, crime report or news.

Steps involved in becoming a successful anchor:

  • Interpersonal skills matter more for good career in anchoring. One should be able to connect with viewers and studio audience naturally.
  • A confident personality is a big plus for the job of an anchor.
  • The command over multiple languages including the language of the broadcast is a must.
  • Having the knowledge of many languages also enhances the quality of anchoring in casual TV shows.

Post graduate courses:

Formal education doesn’t play important role in the TV anchoring unless you are working for a news channel. Some post graduate diplomas are being offered by many institutes in India now. Anyone can appear for the entrance exam with a bachelor’s degree.

These courses focus on practical aspects of the field such as voice modulations, pitch, diction and facial expressions. These institutes are giving specialized training to anchor chat shows, interviews and news too. An anchor should also have good understanding of technical aspects of the field such as camera angles, equipment and script writing.

The Chennai based Asian College of Journalism (ACJ) provides post graduate diploma in journalism (specialisation in television). Those who want to be news anchors can learn the A B Cs of journalism from finest journalists in India here. The college conducts annual entrance exams for the admission. The college has good placement record too.

Government run Indian Institute of Mass Communication (IIMC) has centres across the country to train future TV anchors. The institute offers post graduate course in TV and Broadcast journalism. Just like ACJ, IIMC conducts entrance test annually.

Those who aspire to be anchors of light hearted TV and radio shows can apply for certificate programs by National School of Event (NSE) based in Mumbai, Centre for Research in Art of Film and Television (CRAFT), New Delhi and Jaipur based International Institute for Media and films.

But along with these top names, there are many private institutes which provide professional education in TV anchoring.

Anchoring is not typical job with 8 hours shift. You have to work in multiple shifts many times and work schedule is not fixed. Having passion for the profession and loving the camera will take you long way in this business.


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