Studying what you aren’t good at could shut your College down!

You would be asking quite a few things now, like “Is it Real?”, “Is this a joke?” or “How is it even possible?” among others. But, if recent news reports are to be believed, this could become a reality, and a few Colleges might be shut down.

According to these news reports, in a test conducted by Aspiring Minds, at engineering colleges across our country, there have been some startling revelations. The highlight of it being that huge number of software engineering students in these colleges were not able to do basic coding (Report). In other words, they were simply not good at what they were studying.

With such a dismal report card from students, the government, it is reported, is considering action against such colleges, that numbers to roughly around 500 colleges overall, by shutting them down altogether. (Read here)

If you are one of such student, who is planning to pursue a course that you aren’t good at, but doing it just for status or money, think again. You do not want to be the reason for the closure of your college. (pun intended)

Even though all of this may sound a bit too bold or a wee too exaggerated, here is what the Director of IIT, Delhi – Mr. V. Ramagopal Rai, has to say.

According to him, only a few high performers from IIT get great offers, while others end up doing jobs unrelated to engineering. (Read it here)

That above statement, coming from a highly placed official of an elite college, is scarier than the research report. The reason being, if students from IIT are struggling to get a job, what can students from average colleges expect?

So, what do we deduce from all of the above?

That, if we are good at something, we should pursue a field related to it, to bring out our best. The reason, as Mr. Rai stated above in the news article, only high performers are in demand.

It is possible that there might have been a great musician among those engineering students; a standup comedian; a brilliant artist; a beautiful choreographer; a fashion illustrator and many others, if only they had taken that “chance” of pursuing what they are innately good at.

No matter what that maybe, just pursue it. Even if it is something, that doesn’t guarantee a high flying job or fancy salary immediately, you could still do a better job in the long run.

Not all successful people in this world are engineers, doctors or accountants. Successful people are spread in different fields viz., painters, teachers, data analysts, tattoo artists, graphic designers, animators, chefs, event organisers, dancers, choreographers, dieticians and so on.

The secret to their success is nothing but doing things what they are good at and putting their heart and soul into it.

When you are good at something you tend to do things with precision and innovativeness each time. This leads to dedicated followers for your craft and people coming back to you for your exclusive services. Your hard work and dedication then slowly and surely build a solid platform and a base for showcasing your talent and be a professional in that field over the years.

Remember, an amateur in any field is always paid far less than a specialist/professional in the same field. So, be a specialist in pursuing things you are good at and one that comes naturally to you.

(The author of this article is a Career Advisor in the field of Education)


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