Top 4 Career options for people with artistic minds

A few decades ago, someone who paints would be looked down upon and pushed to a corner to keep it as a hobby only. Luckily, such is not the case right now! People with artistic bend in the minds now have more support with career opportunities more than ever before. The visual media culture has triggered demand for artistic minds. We have listed down some top careers for artistic minds below. You can easily convert your creative passion into career by pursuing following jobs.

1. Advertising professional

Almost all digital platforms such as social media and YouTube depend on advertising to generate revenue. Most of these platforms insist for creative and visually appealing advertisements. Therefore, designing ads have become an art now. Advertising agencies are welcoming people with artistic minds to push the limits of the traditional advertising.

You can fulfil the needs of your artistic thirst here and get paid as well. The artist is required to use tools such as graphic designing, videography and photography to create appealing ads for clients. But for that, you must learn the basics of advertising through various programs in marketing at Universities. Start by interning with small ad agency and climb the corporate ladder to become an advertising guru.

2. Graphic Designer

If creating packaging, logos and clothing excites you, then graphic designing might be your passion. Today, each company has its own graphics and social media team. This team is responsible for creating package design, branding and merchandise for the company.

One can also start own graphic designing business where you have freedom to choose what kind of project you want to work on. Those who love creating digital arts will find graphic designing career very satisfying as they are getting paid to do what they love most. Along with artistic mind, you will need formal training in various digital software and graphic design.

3. Game Designer

If your house is full of gaming consoles and you just can’t stop yourself from playing latest games on Play Station, then this is the dream job for you. The Game designer is responsible for creating a fully functional gaming experience for user by working with entire creative team.

As the digital platforms are expanding themselves, gaming industry is constantly growing too. The tasks involve programming games, developing storyline, drawing characters and conceptualizing the levels in games. Knowledge of hardcore programming is must here along with degree in illustration. You can start by working for general games and create your niche in the industry as you go ahead.

4. Web Designer

Most popular field for the artistic minds as of now. Today, almost every organization operates a website for various purposes. Many services are being offered through websites. Apart from creative positions here such as user interface designer, you can also work for network security and encryption. In this field, each day you will get to learn something new.

Many top programmers already acknowledge that writing a code is similar to creative art work. You can learn web designing on your own but a degree in designing will help you to get a better job.

The above mentioned opportunities are ever growing. The ones like interior designing and fashion designing are exhausted and hence, they didn’t make it to this list.


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