Top 5 Film Making institutes in India

Film making is an art as well as science. A film maker has to deal with creative aspects of the film such as scripting, dialogues and storyline along with very technical aspects such as camera angles, color tones and sound as well. Therefore, training from the top industry professionals is always recommended to budding film makers.

India, being the host to world’s largest film industry by volume, has finest film making schools. These schools have strong record of producing today’s industry leaders. We have listed down top five institutes in the country to learn film making.

1. Film and Television Institute of India, Pune (FTII)

Established in 1960, FTII has given stars such as Raj Kumar Hirani, Sanjay Leela Bhansali, Shabana Azmi and Naseeruddin Shah to India.
This five-decade old institution stands on the tradition of teaching top notch film making to its students. Apart from learning basics of film making, one can also specialize in specific aspect of film making here.

The course on Feature and screenplay writing, editing, sound recording and design, cinematography, direction, art direction and production design takes 14 students annually.

Anyone with a bachelor’s degree can appear for the entrance exam of the FTII.


2. Whistling Woods International, Mumbai:

This has to be the youngest film school in India but has managed to create a reputation due to strong support by industry leaders. Apart from being based in Mumbai, India’s film making capital, another advantage of Whistling Woods International is that it is chaired by critically acclaimed filmmaker Shubhash Ghai.

Their full time courses last for two years where students can specialize in Business of Film and Television, editing, cinematography, music production and other such fields. When you have people such as Karan Johar, Shyam Benegal, Hema Malini and A.R. Rahman as faculty, you know you are learning from the best of the best.


3. Satyajit Ray Film and Television Institute, Kolkata:

The institution is named after internationally acclaimed Bengali director and film maker Satyajit Ray. The Ministry of Information and Broadcasting established this autonomous institute in 1995.

The post graduate courses offered here allow students to specialize in cinematography, audiography, screenplay and editing. The institute is equipped with hostel facilities along with two theatres for movie screenings.


4. Center for Research in Art of Film and Television, Delhi: (CRAFT)

CRAFT was established in 2009 with an aim to delivery high quality education in television, film and other forms of media arts. Short and long term course conducted by this non-profit and non-governmental institute equip students to face new challenges in the industry.

School’s faculty gives high importance to industry interaction, hands-on experience and film aesthetics. It is providing all courses conducted at FTII, Pune in the city of Delhi.


5. Asian Academy of Film and Television, Noida: (AAFT)

AAFT was formed in 1993 to give an alternative option to students from formal film schools in India.

Over the years, it has positioned itself as internationally recognized film school in India. There are various options available to students.
One can opt for 3 years course, two-year or one-year diploma, or 3 months’ short course as well. The solid infrastructure such as six shooting floors, private screening rooms and rehearsal hall is strong plus point of this college.



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