What are the careers in HR?

The workforce of any organization, big or small, includes skilled and diligent team players for the organization to become a lasting success. The crucial decision making of whom to recruit as an employee by gauging his/her orientation, training and skill assessment are all done by the Human Resource Management team.

When one enrolls for a MBA, HR is one of the options that is good demand after Marketing and Finance. In the times when human resources are given special importance to retain key talent in a company, HR is a huge and a successful career opportunity. Find out various career choices post your masters in HR.

Best careers out there for HR professionals

1) HR Manager

A career track with great personal satisfaction. As an HR manager one gets to do person to person interaction thereby helping employees directly. These managers have a direct impact and influence on the people in company. They even supervise the entire drill that is involved from hiring an employee to analyzing his/her benefits and needs. They ensure that the employees are happy to come to work and ensure that their grievances are heard and that they have activities to indulge in at work for a perfect work-life balance.

2) HR Consultant

Considered as one of the most lucrative jobs with companies growing by leaps and bounds, an HR consultant is the go-to person for all work force recruitment requirements. These consultants are associated with trouble shooting and assessment of any company’s current situation and offering solution/recommendations that will help the companies to march towards a brighter future.

3) International Human Resources Professional

A high end job where recruiting candidates into global positions with the objective to develop and maintain standards across all branches of an international organization. It is an excellent field for people who love to travel, absorb new languages, cultures as a part of their job.

4) Training & Development Manager

A great opportunity for individuals who enjoy teaching. A training and development manager imparts knowledge to the employees and help improve their skill sets and careers.

5) Employee Education Consultant

Often considered as a low stress job, these consultants are hired on a contractual basis by companies to conduct workshops, classes and conferences to improve the skill set and knowledge of the employees.

6) Internal Communication

With companies over 500 employees, especially having employees spread over multiple geographic locations; it’s difficult to keep everyone connected as a family. Hence, one of the upcoming career opportunity in HR is Internal Communication. This is ideal for those of you who are outgoing and love bringing people together by organizing various awards ceremonies or celebrations. It also includes creation of monthly communications to keep everyone updated about where the company is heading.

7) Corporate Communication

In today’s world, employees are considered the biggest brand ambassador of any company. People form perception about a company based on the review they get from people who work there. In such a time, HR professionals have a huge role to play in ensuring their human resource strength is known to people across the right category in HR circles. Hence, they end up working closely with the corporate communication team.


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