Who is a photojournalist

Photojournalists are known for their talent to capture emotions through their lens. Today we can feel and sense the emotions of many international events, wars and pride moments even of our country just because of these photographs taken during those times.

Twenty Seven years ago in 1989, The Tank Man of China’s picture became the face of Beijing’s massacare, where a young student holding a shopping bag stood in front of a column of approaching battle tanks, showing his resistance (see pic)

Such is the impact of a photo that, even decades after, people might not recollect the details of that event, but the picture that spoke thousand words would still stay fresh in the minds.

What does it take to be a photojournalist?

The most important factor for a photo journalist is to have love for pictures and the talent to speak through one click.

If you love telling stories through pictures, then pursuing a photo journalism career would be the right thing for you. But along with the passion for clicking, one must also be ready to face situations like protests, disasters, wars, ceasefires and changing political scenarios where the major role is played by photo journalists.

Sebastian D’Souza, a photo journalist from Mumbai Mirror was the first journalist in world to click a terrorist in action during 26/11 terror attack in Mumbai. It was not just an award winning photograph but was also, evidence used in the legal course.

So when you are a photo journalist, you are not just capturing emotions and actions, at times you are also clicking evidence.

During any untoward incident, photo journalist is the first person to reach the spot. A reporter can still get the details of the happenings but a photo journalist has to click the image of the happenings. So being a photo journalist would mean facing new challenges daily in situations worst possible.

What formal education should one get to be a photo journalist?

A normal diploma course in Photography is enough to land oneself with a photo journalism job. Udaan School of photography in Mumbai is the only institution in India to provide a one year Photo-Journalism course.

More than the course and institution, what is more important is to know photography and its techniques along with the knack of clicking without the person being clicked getting to know of it.


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