Why choosing a college is similar to picking an apple?

Imagine you are in the market to pick apples and you have two baskets of apples to choose from. Which basket of apples would you choose?1st basket

– mostly average looking apples
– few good apples
– one or two looks fresh & delicious
– cost is low

2nd basket
– mostly fresh apples
– few looks super delicious
– one or two looks a bit soft/discoloured
higher cost

As you can see, the 2nd basket with the best of apples costs more.

So, if you had a limited budget you would most probably take the 1st basket, though you would have loved to get the 2nd basket. While, if you had surplus money in your pocket, you would surely have chosen the 2nd.

Now imagine you represent a Company that goes campus hunting for talent and replace the 1st basket with any random average college and 2nd basket with a top-ranked college. Which one will you choose?

Here is what these colleges offer:-

Average College (1st basket)

– mostly average grade student
– few bright students
– rare extremely bright students

Top College (2nd basket)

– mostly bright students
– few extremely bright students
– rare average students

Again, if you represent a multi-conglomerate organisation you would target the top-ranked college (2nd basket), willing to pay a handsome package to woo the best of talent for your organisation. While if you are representing a small organisation you would target the random average college (1st basket) as the 2nd one is way out of your budget.

So, as a student, the decision is for you to make. Would you want to study at an average college and get selected by any random small organisation with low pay-package? Or do you prefer going to a top college and fast track your career with a big and reputed organisation that offers a great pay-package?

Make your Choice!

(The author of this article is a Career Advisor in the field of Education)


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