Why is Translating a hot career option? Read all about it..

Knowing multiple languages is a sign of active brain and intelligence. If you are thinking to make a career out of it, then you might be on right track. Translators and interpreters are in great demand nowadays as globalization is integrating economies based on various languages.

The role of translator is just not transfer content from one language to another. This person is responsible for connecting two distinct cultures associated with both languages during this process.

Translators exclusively deal with written language while interpreters are used for sign language or spoken language forms.

What are the Important tasks of a translator?

The main challenge for a translator is to convert various words, vocabulary and concepts to target language from the source language. These professionals have to search for equivalents of given material in the target language. Therefore, it is expected that they have mastered both languages well.

Some professional translators are given a task to create inclusive database of various scientific terms, legal words and terminologies. Along with spoken knowledge of two languages, it is also expected of you to read, write and understand various syntaxes of both languages. The translator should be able to track the tone of source language and translate it clearly in the target language.

While dealing with the written materials, translators have to convert the printed document in target language in such a way that reader will get same joy of reading the original.

What methods of work are used by translators?

Majority of the translator’s work can be done on the computer. Professional translator receives various documents to translatedaily. Computer-assisted translation (CAT) tools are used by various firms nowadays to achieve perfect translation.

Who hires translators and interpreters?

As already stated, due to globalization, translators are needed in every field. They are present at big negotiations between multinational companies, at large conferences and even at the international political summits to enable leaders to communicate with each other in a better way.

1. Conference interpreters

These people do simultaneous translation of the conference proceedings in real time. For such events, employers want people with solid experience because stakes are very high here. To work as a translator in an organization such as UN, you need expert knowledge of French, Spanish and English. A Master’s degree in above said languages will help to boost the job prospects.

2. Tour guides

People travel to regions with tremendous linguistic diversity. English is spoken in very limited areas of the world. If you are expert in the local language of any tourist hotspot, you can have good career as a tour guide. Many big travel agencies also hire people with strong language skills. There are many certificate courses available to work as tour guide.

3. Medical translators

The communication between the doctor and the patient is crucial for getting cured. But things can go really wrong if doctors do not speak patient’s language. With an increase in medical tourism, the trend of receiving linguistically diverse patients is increasing. Medical translators are helping patients to convey their health status accurately to doctors.

Apart from this, language enthusiasts always have most obvious jobs such as courts translator, literary translator and sign language trainer.

Which are the top languages for which translators are most sought after today?

The top languages most sought after for translations are Japanese, Chinese, Russian, German and Spanish


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