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Yes, you heard it right. Being a Chartered Accountant would guarantee you a more secured financial life compared to being just one of the over million engineering graduates the country produces every year. Let me explain it with some facts and figures that most of you may not be much […]

Chartered Accountant could be better choice than being an Engineer

In the contemporary world, the Tourism industry plays a significant role in employment. We say due to technology and globalization, the world has become a smaller place to live in. There are now easy and efficient modes of transport that makes traveling easy and comfortable. Since people keep traveling from […]

Exciting, adventurous and innovative – 3 reasons to get in ...

Chemistry is one of the most important fundamental sciences. The research and development in the field of chemistry has given us everything from soaps, cosmetics to medicines. A career in chemistry is definitely the best way to contribute positively to this world through your work. The field of chemistry basically […]

Chemistry as a career choice after 12th

The whole world around you is governed by common set of rules and regulations. We call it ‘law’. Lawyers are the professionals who makes sure that these laws can be used for the betterment of their clients. The profession of law is not only lucrative but also respected in society. […]

Top specialisations in Law

In the age of Globalization, economics has become an important discipline. National economies are rapidly integrating with the world economy. Governments and private corporations need top notch economists, statisticians and policy makers to make this process smoother and more efficient. The economics majors are also required for research, consultancy and […]

7 Top career choices in Economics

India recently became the fastest growing major economy in the world. But do you know who informed us about this development? Talented economists compiled the data of multiple quarters and reached to this conclusion. Apart from tracking such huge global development, the domain of economics has lot to offer. With […]

Is Economics a good career choice for students after 12th?

Climate change has become a global reality now and governments are trying to minimize its effect world over. Implementing the concept of sustainable development is going to be crucial in our fight against the climate change. Environmental engineers are foot soldiers of this fight. These professionals are responsible for creating […]

What is the scope of a career in environmental engineering?

From aerospace industry to your shower room, the applications of ceramics are clearly visible across the human life. The ceramics and its engineering has driven change in the world of technology for decades now. Products like space shuttles tiles, artificial teeth, airframes and engines involve some serious work of ceramic […]

Why Ceramic Engineering is a good career choice

The discovery of metals and alloys was most important mile stone for the human civilization after the invention of wheel. It changed the way human created tools and used them in the day to day life. In modern times, metallurgical engineering is most developed branch of the engineering and it […]

Metallurgy, an unique emerging career

Social sciences as an academic and career prospect was not a very exciting option for Indian students up until now. However, recently there is a subtle shift from the traditional attraction to engineering and medical fields, as interest in social sciences is seeing a steady growth as a viable career […]

Top Social Science Colleges in India

There was a point in our childhood where we would use the word ‘pyscho’ without giving a second thought about what it means and how it could affect a person. However, with more education and availability of information, we now recognise the importance of this fragile and the most important […]

Career prospects for a Psychologist in India

The other day a friend of mine looked upset. On asking her the reason,  she replied – ‘I just burned 200 calories yesterday. Need to work out more’. I was a little startled at first by the specifics that she mentioned. It was later I learnt that one could track […]

3 Streams to choose in becoming a Mobile App Developer

You have made a decision about what you want to pursue for higher studies, but you are still in two minds about which college to commit to? It has now come down to a question of your choice. Eleanor Roosevelt once said, “One’s philosophy is not best expressed in words; […]

How to choose the best college for your course?

Volunteering or the act of offering your services for free for an undertaking or organization is the most unpopular act. However, the benefits associated with volunteering are endless. One such benefit might well be about shaping your future career. Read on to know more on how volunteering impacts your career […]

How volunteering work helps achieve career goals

Teaching is not a lost art, but the regard for it is a lost tradition, said Jacques Barzun the famous American educational philosopher. In our country, for many, wanting to become a teacher, especially a school teacher is often a choice of convenience rather than ambition. Most young women, especially, […]

How to be a Teacher, Lecturer or Professor in India

Geography classes in school was that time of the day when we all travelled to unknown lands through international waters beyond borders without moving an inch from the familiarity of our classrooms. Being a field of science dedicated to the study of the lands, its features and inhabitants and various […]

What careers are related to Geography?

As the global temperatures increase due to the climate change, the focus of scientists are shifting on the oceans. Many experts have already predicted the rise in sea levels because of rapidly melting glaciers. To counter climate change, scientists consider Oceanography as one of the best routes to figure out […]

Explore deep blue seas through a career in Oceanography

Each one of us aspired, one time or the other, after watching tense court-room scenes in movies and television series, to be a criminal lawyer. In real life, these criminal lawyers are modern day superheroes for many. They deal with human life and make sure that criminals go behind the […]

Skills needed to be a good Criminal Lawyer

In modern day, with criminals being more sophisticated and smarter, fighting with crime is almost impossible without forensic experts. Producing evidence and being one step ahead of the smart criminals is definitely a challenging job. Forensics are thus the brains behind all the courtroom drama. Popular stereotype about forensics is […]

How exciting is it to be a forensic scientist?

Mohenjo – daro (the ‘Mount of Dead’), is one of the largest settlements of the Indus Valley Civilization. I still vividly remember the class when our History teacher enlightened us with the facts of the site. Some of us were least interested, some were intrigued, and some went beyond being […]

Pursuing Archaeology – All You Need To Know To Become ...

Karl Pearson, the influential English Mathematician, once said, “Statistics is the grammar of Science”, while Edmund H. North, an American Academy Award winning Screenwriter, said, “I think there’s a difference between a gamble and a calculated risk”. These two gentlemen might have never met in their lives but they’ve clearly […]

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If you love clicking pictures of all those gorgeous structures that you visit and wonder how was it created or felt it could have been better or this needs to be restored like this or that; then you probably are inclined to become a good architect. Here we put up […]

Things you need to know to be an Architect

The Indian fashion industry is one of the most booming industries and it keeps evolving every day. It has also become one of the most lucrative and most sought after profession these days as more and more youngsters are opting to study fashion designing. There are several institutes across India […]

Best Fashion Schools in India

Popularly referred as the fourth pillar of the Indian democracy, the media, is more powerful than ever before. Over the last few decades, the media has expanded significantly in India. This has not only charged the perception of the people towards Journalism but also has greatly increased the demand for […]

Top 5 Journalism Colleges in India

Music in India has steadily risen to great heights. Today, India is home to some of the best music institutes of the world. Getting a ‘degree in Music’ is as mainstream as getting a ‘degree in Engineering’ or ‘becoming a doctor. So, if you are one of those seeking to […]

Top 5 Music Schools in India

Choosing a career after 12th is the most crucial and important decision of one’s life. The rest of the life is dependent upon this one decision so let’s make a wise decision, especially when it’s between the two careers, which are most sought; Engineering and Medical. Requirement The most basic […]

Engineering or Medical after 12th?

Career is one of the most important phases of every individual that one has to face at some point of life. The choice of career has to be such that at no point of time should the person regret being in the profession for career is something that would stay […]

What are the right steps to choose a career?

Criminology is one of the least known careers in our country as the scope for it is also relatively less as compared to other options. So the question naturally rises, is criminology a good degree or a rewarding career option? The answer for it is – yes, if pursued, it […]

Is Criminology a good degree for career?

Journalism as a career is an attractive option for youngsters especially for those who have a flair for writing and communication and wish to do something for the society. Journalism has nothing to do with changing the world- as is always believed- it is only a medium between the world […]

Is Journalism as a career option good? you bet it ...

Astronomy or astrophysics is the study of the physical properties of the stars, planets and galaxies. A career in astronomy after 12th is a good option, with plenty of higher study options available for students Scope: With India joining the few elite countries to have their own satellite launching stations […]

Career in Astronomy or Astrophysics