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Animation is the fastest growing among all the current fields. From films to television, you can find animation and its impact on a daily basis. There is, in fact, a dearth of animaters, as projects are piling up at every media house, and there are very few good animators. Animation […]

Animation courses after 12th

If you enjoy science and like to help solve crimes, a career in forensic science is just for you. Forensic science is about the applying scientific knowledge to the investigation of a crime. Forensic science careers Before you go in to the details of requirement for forensic science careers, it […]

Forensic science careers – scope, courses, institutes, jobs,

If you are deeply interested and wish to build your career in mathematics, it is possible to have a good satisfying career ahead. Maths is one of the few subjects, wherein the higher you go in your studies, the more reasoning and logic is required. Hence, it is important that […]

Career in Mathematics – courses, colleges, future and scholarships

A common query among students planning to do their graduation in engineering is Btech or BE ? The difference between the two, which is better etc.,? Most of you will find rather unconvincing answers from your fellow peers, because just like you, even they have limited knowledge on this. To […]

BTech or BE – What is the difference ?

BCom BBA courses caters to two different career fields. The first, Bcom, is general accounting while BBA or BMS is specialised course for management. To get to know which one suits a student the better, we compare both in terms of the course coverage, study focus, subjects, career prospects etc., […]


Environmental Studies was not a viable option for students until recently, but it is changing faster with environment, not only making up for a cool degree, but one that pays handsomely. Here we discuss on how and what is environmental studies in terms of the courses it offers, scope and […]

Opportunities in Environment related studies

A comparision on four graduation programmes that a commerce student or even an arts student can choose – B.Com course, BAF course, BFM course and BBI course. Each one is unique with different career path involved hence a careful look in to what each of these course focus on, the […]

B.Com vs BAF vs BFM vs BBI

Students can choose the following courses after 12th science, under different specialisations of their choice and interest. Degree Courses ENGINEERING B.Tech (Bachelor’s Degree in Technology) / B.E. (Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering) Students interested in research, design and development of engineering products and technology can opt for an engineering degree. The […]

Science courses after 12th

The most important time for choosing a career that a student may follow the rest of their lives is after 12th, when s/he gets admission in to a degree college. Hence, the most important question is – what after 12th? A student needs to choose a course wisely after considering the pros and […]

Courses after 12th

Students who wish to pursue Commerce stream, after 12th Commerce / Science / Arts, can choose the following courses to pursue their graduation in the Commerce field – Degree Courses ACCOUNTING & FINANCE B.A.F. (Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting & Finance) Students who wish to get an in-depth knowledge on all […]

Commerce courses after 12th