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Here is an inspirational story of how an Home Maker cracked the Chartered Accountancy exam. Renuka Murali, who graduated with a B.Com degree, 23 years ago, had pleaded with her father to let her study chartered accountancy (CA). She could not convince him at that time. She got maried at […]

Inspirational Story: From Homemaker to Chartered Accoutant

MCA after BCom is a good option if one satisfies the following conditions. MCA being a Master’s degree (post graduation degree) for Computer Applications and B.Com being a purely Commerce degree there are a few things that a B.Com student need to fulfil and consider before s/he choose MCA after Bcom […]

Is MCA after BCom a good option?

Courses after are varied and quite a few you could opt for. Remember: The courses after bcom depends on what career path you are looking for in future It is also based on your interest, and whether you have the aptitude (competency) to learn those courses. Once you are sure […]

Courses after B.Com

Students who are planning to opt for a Company Secretary course (CS course), after your 12th or graduation degree, here is a video that may help you knowing the positives of choosing a professional career as a Company Secretary. The video is an intiative by the ICSI, wherein different people […]

Career as a Company Secretary

[like] CA or MBA is a burning question in every graduate and under graduate’s mind who plan to start their career in the world of accounting and finance. What most students aren’t fully aware is that CA MBA, though both involves number crunching, it’s totally different to each other when it […]


With both the professional degree of CA and ICWA leading to successful professional career, it is obvious that students faces a dilemma to make a choice from either, CA or ICWA. Howevever, both cater to different aspect of accounting and a comparision of CA/ICWAI, would clear most of the doubts that students […]


Let us first describe what is Chartered Financial Analyst. Financial analysts are one of the valued personnel in any organisation. The reason being, their analytical and insightful opinions are important for investing funds in the right area to gain maximum profit. Every business entity goes through rough and smooth periods. […]

Financial Analyst

Managing cost has become one of the most important life-line for any organisation’s survival. Organisations require efficient cost management to increase profitability and avoid unwanted expenses. With the global competitive nature and economic demands, a company’s success totally depends on the quality of service it provides with minimum cost input. […]

Cost Accounting

An important link between the company and its shareholders, Company Secretary is becoming an increasingly vital and good career option. Every listed company, at the stock market, employs a company secretary to deal with the formalities involved in stock and trading. The vital role of a Company Secretary further extends […]

Company Secretary

Chartered accountancy degree (CA) is considered the highest qualification in accounting and finance degree. If you have fondness to delve deep in to world of accounting, with an assured professional status and scope for individual practice with great monthly income, chartered accountancy is the right option for you. What is […]

Chartered Accountancy