Engineering & Science

From aerospace industry to your shower room, the applications of ceramics are clearly visible across the human life. The ceramics and its engineering has driven change in the world of technology for decades now. Products like space shuttles tiles, artificial teeth, airframes and engines involve some serious work of ceramic […]

Why Ceramic Engineering is a good career choice

The discovery of metals and alloys was most important mile stone for the human civilization after the invention of wheel. It changed the way human created tools and used them in the day to day life. In modern times, metallurgical engineering is most developed branch of the engineering and it […]

Metallurgy, an unique emerging career

As the global temperatures increase due to the climate change, the focus of scientists are shifting on the oceans. Many experts have already predicted the rise in sea levels because of rapidly melting glaciers. To counter climate change, scientists consider Oceanography as one of the best routes to figure out […]

Explore deep blue seas through a career in Oceanography

Choosing a career after 12th is the most crucial and important decision of one’s life. The rest of the life is dependent upon this one decision so let’s make a wise decision, especially when it’s between the two careers, which are most sought; Engineering and Medical. Requirement The most basic […]

Engineering or Medical after 12th?

Students who are pursuing BSC IT and BCA, or finished their graduation in these coures, there are plenty of options after BSC IT and BCA for a good career ahead. We have technical fields like MSC/BCA, management fields like MS or MBA and other options too after BSC IT and […]

What to do after BSC IT and BCA?

A common query among students planning to do their graduation in engineering is Btech or BE ? The difference between the two, which is better etc.,? Most of you will find rather unconvincing answers from your fellow peers, because just like you, even they have limited knowledge on this. To […]

BTech or BE – What is the difference ?

Before you make your choice, it is important to know what is chemical engineering and what is computer engineering ? While chemical engineering is all about use of chemicals to make medicine, fuels, food etc., computer engineering is all about designing computer systems and computer networks. We analyse the scope […]

Chemical or Computer Engineering

Civil or architectural engineering for a choice is tricky one for students. Students are mostly confused on the basic difference between these two inter-related engineering disciplines. We take a closer look to understand first what is civil engineering and architectural engineering, and then the difference between the two, in terms […]

Civil or Architectural Engineering

A brief comparision of chemical engineering and biomedical engineering degree in terms of scope of work, curriculum topics, skills, specialisations, career prospects etc., offered by both the disciplines. scope of study Chemical Chemical engineering involves understanding the use of chemicals involved in medicines, fuels, food, water, raw materials, electronics, clothing […]

Chemical or Biomedical Engineering

A brief comparision to make a choice between electronic or electrical engineering degree in terms of scope of work, curriculum topics, skills, specialisations, career prospects etc., offered by both the disciplines. scope of study Electronic Design and building electronic circuits based on the flow of charge through different materials Electrical […]

Electronic or Electrical Engineering

With many considering these two engineering disciplines to be inter-related, it is a bit tough to choose to go for mechanical or aeronautical engineering as a choice after 12th. We give below a brief comparision between these two in terms of scope of work, curriculum topics, skills, specialisations, career prospects […]

Mechanical or Aeronautical Engineering

As an engineer approaches his/her final year of graduation, the question of what next is an important thing to be dealt with, MBA or Mtech ? With MBA, which is the most preferred option among college goers, an engineer also has an option of chasing an M.Tech / M.E.  degree. […]

MBA or MTech

Before you make a choice, it is best to know what is Civil engineering and what is Mechanical engineering ? Civil engineering is all about building and construction of structures, while Mechanical engineering involves working on machines. Both are traditional engineering programmes, but still high on career demand. Here below […]

Civil or Mechanical Engineeering

There is a lot of misconceptions and confusions among students when it comes to choosing BSc or Btech after 12th. A common misconception is BTech (engineering) is better than BSc (pure science), while a few confident students stick to BSc as their career goals are clear. Some feel BTech is […]

BSc or BTech