One business that can never perish in the near future is – medicine. If you don’t have inclination for working in the labs to discover a medicine, but instead love to research, market and bring the medicine to the world, then MBA in Pharmaceuticals is for you. What is MBA […]

Why and Where of MBA in Pharmaceuticals

Students interested in courses after MBA, here are a few important ones listed FPM or Ph.D FPM (Fellowship in Management) and Ph.D are specialisation and research courses after MBA that aims to develop quality researchers and faculties, providing opportunity for education and research in management. It offers scope to build […]

Courses after MBA you can opt for

Which one is right for me? or, which is the best, MS or MBA? One, a technical degree while the other a management degree, both of which hold a great value in the job market, and hence more tougher to make a choice. To make things easier, first you should […]

MS or MBA – which is better?

Here is a brief on the various factors that a student may consider while choosing a business school for pursing management degree – MBA in India or Abroad (USA / UK / Others). The important factors covered here are – global recognition of the MBA degree a school provides in terms of […]

MBA in India or Abroad – US / UK

As an engineer approaches his/her final year of graduation, the question of what next is an important thing to be dealt with, MBA or Mtech ? With MBA, which is the most preferred option among college goers, an engineer also has an option of chasing an M.Tech / M.E.  degree. […]

MBA or MTech

An important and tricky choice to make while deciding to go for MBA is whether to take Regular MBA or a Specialised MBA? Regular MBA is the most popular choice, while a niche / mba specialisation is fast gaining importance amongst students. Before we get in to the comparision, a […]

MBA Regular vs Specialised MBA programme

MBA in Aviation / Aerospace is a programme designed for students who wish to handle management related functions in aviation, airlines and related industry. The study would equip you with all the tasks related to effective managerial operations in an aviation industry. It’s a comprehensive degree that covers all the […]

Aviation MBA

MBA in Biotech is a programme designed for students who wish to handle management related functions in biotechnological and related organisations. The study would equip you with all the tasks related to effective managerial operations in an biotech industry. It’s a comprehensive degree that covers all the major areas viz., […]

Biotech MBA

Environment MBA or MBA in Environmental Management imparts a student with knowledge on managerial functions related to environmental issues. In the current world scenario, every major industry is going green i.e, embracing technology that is in sync with the nature, environment. These industries thus needs their future managers who are […]

Environment MBA

HR or Marketing, each caters to completely different aspects of management, and hence a comparision would surely bring about the difference in functions an HR manager uses in his work compared to a Marketing manager. The area of concentration of efforts are totally different, though both have one common aspect […]

HR or Marketing MBA

Here we now compare different MBA types that would give students a better idea on which one suits them better. Though a full-time regular MBA is the most in-demand MBA, more and more students are opting for alternate programs that could fulfil their MBA dreams ie., looking for different types […]

MBA Types (a quick comparision)

Before we go in to the question of what MBA or best mba to opt for, let’s get a quick brief on what is an MBA? A MBA is a Masters course (done after graduation) that educates one on the managing aspects involved in a business viz., managing money, managing […]

What MBA is best mba ?

A comparision of mba in finance and mba in marketing management with regards to the career prospects is a difficult one. The reason being both deal with completely different aspects of management, while one is more of managing the capital, the other is all about devising strategy to capture market. […]

Finance or Marketing MBA

Every working professional desires to earn a degree that leverages their career prospects, while enhancing their skills, and giving a broader outlook to their day-to-day work. Executive mba or emba is designed to meet such specific needs of every working professional. It focuses on global business management strategies, equipping leadership qualities […]

Executive MBA (e-mba)

[like] CA or MBA is a burning question in every graduate and under graduate’s mind who plan to start their career in the world of accounting and finance. What most students aren’t fully aware is that CA MBA, though both involves number crunching, it’s totally different to each other when it […]


An organisation might have good financial source, cost-efficient raw materials and a great product design, but without a systematic co-ordination between them, the end result will be poor, resulting in unhappy customers and thus projecting a bad company image. This is where the Operations team come in to play. They […]

Operations MBA (MBA in operations)

People viz., Human Resources – is the most important part of any organisation. All good companies have great ideas, potential products to market and various means to raise money, but if it doesn’t have the right people to manage it, all efforts are fruitless. Companies stand on the strength of […]


An organisation that cannot sell its products or services in an effective manner stands to lose out in the long run. With every known services and products available in market from different sources, the only way to outwit and outthink your competitors is intelligent marketing. So, what is MBA in […]

Marketing MBA (MBA in Marketing)

A comparision of mba in finance and mba in hr (human resources) brings about the different aspects involved, not only in the course but also the different functioning involved in these two aspects of management. As in others, the skillsets and personal attributes again differ in these two. So, here […]

Finance or HR MBA

Before we discuss on MBA in Finance, let us talk about why mba in finance ? In a corporate world, with cut-throat competition, organisation’s survival mainly depends upon efficiently managing its finance, which keeps it sailing through the rough weathers. A Finance MBA (MBA in Finance) degree would equip you with […]

Finance MBA (MBA in Finance)