Once you take admission in a college for graduation course, you will witness drastic changes in your life. Along with the regular academic activites you indulge many other social acitivities viz., making new friends, be the part of societies and meeting many new people, and most importantly – getting along […]

How to break ice with your seniors in college

With every new session, you enter to a new world of education. For those who have finished their matriculation, there are many doors opened to enter the new career. Now when you are grown up and planning to start your college or higher school education, this is the correct time […]

Ragging – How to avoid it

The new academic session is approaching and the hunt for colleges had started. With the start of new college, you will meet many faces as your teachers, colleagues, seniors and staff. This is the phase when you actually need freedom in decision and thoughts, be it you subject selection or […]

How to choose the right college after your 10th?

IELTS stands for International English Language Testing System, which is most trusted and authorized English language program. The course is especially designed for the non- Native English speakers and is acceptable globally by many universities. IELTS test is managed by British Council and IDP: IELTS Australia and University of Cambridge […]

IELTS – Eligibility – Test Pattern – Structure

Exams are over and summer vacations are on. Many of you must be already bored by sitting at home watching television or playing video games. For many students, summer vacation is long period of 2 or 3 months’ holiday. These are the times you can get only in your school […]

How to spend your board vacations fruitfully

You have made a decision about what you want to pursue for higher studies, but you are still in two minds about which college to commit to? It has now come down to a question of your choice. Eleanor Roosevelt once said, “One’s philosophy is not best expressed in words; […]

How to choose the best college for your course?

“Okay, just half an hour of T.V. and then it is study time”, a couple of decades back this is how parents convinced their kids to study. T.V. was an addiction then. Today, even a 3 year old kid refuses to eat meal unless her favourite song plays on that […]

How to De-Addict from your Smartphone while studying

Becoming a blogger is quite easy, all you need to do is create your own blog platform and start writing. But there is a difference between being just a blogger and a successful blogger? What does it take to become a successful blogger? Well, the answer is quite simple, you […]

How to be a successful Blogger?

Here is a really cool video posted on Youtube by Wengie giving you 7 effective tips to ace your upcoming exams. She starts with – How important it is to get good sleep. All of us have different body clock, so get as much sleep as your body needs. She […]

7 cool study tips to ace your exams – Video

Effective note taking will go a long way in your success in school or college studies. Taking down notes effectively will not only help you increase your knowledge but retain things for the all important exams. Gather the note-taking materials Get a note-book with plenty of pages and divide them […]

Study tip of the week: Taking Notes

It is important that you take breaks during your studies, so that you are not feeling tired after one long session. Also, doing the right thing during these study breaks is equally essential, so that it helps you get back to studies in good mood. Have a small snack A […]

Study tip of the week: Study Breaks – Dos and ...

Setting up your study place and time is important. Each one of you have your own idea about the place and the time to study. Whether it is a corner in your bedroom, your balcony or a library you visit etc., Now, fix a time to study, say, afternoon, late […]

Study Tip of the Week – Fix a Place and ...

Studying in groups or group discussion is one of the best ways to learning things more effectively. Given below are the reasons why it is considered so- 1) Quicker and better results. With more brains involved you will find that it is quicker and easier to solve complicated and difficult […]

Why is group study the best way for learning

Attending your classes regularly, going to tuitions, organising notes, doing study sessions etc., in the final weeks of your exam is huge task for any student. Here are some quick study tips shared by students to get the best before the all important exam beings. Start Early: It is better […]

How to cope exam pressures in a smart way

Exam is an important part of our studies. Hence, to tackle it in the right way, here are a few tips for examination that you can use:- Planning Make a timetable for study with time for rest and breaks. If the study is very extensive, start with the easy ones […]

Tips for examination

Managing education loan becomes a hassle to students who are not well versed in the banking rules regarding loans. India Today has provided a few good tips that students need to follow to manage their education loans The important tips highlighted are: Do not ever default – Meaning, never fail […]

Tips to manage education loan

A few students come up with this question when they think of getting an MBA. MBA is a good option for many students, but is not the best option for every student, especially who are planning / ready to start their own business. May be this article, by an MBA […]

Should you do MBA or start your own business?

With Banking Exams round the corner, students need to get the best tips from experts to tackle these exams better. A few web portals have come out to help students by chatting and giving valuable tips. Here are a few that could help you out – arranged a chat […]

Tips for Banking Exams and coping exam pressures