In India people have a restrictive vision when it comes to career choice, say, medicine, engineering, MBA etc. These career choices are ‘self-centric’ so to say. There are many noble career choices like the defence, and allied security services which are ignored completely. Once such selfless service choice is that […]

How to be an IPS officer in India

If you love numbers and have the ability to solve complex mathematical problems with speed and precision, a host of good career options awaits you. While creative and intuitive people find their niche in artistic field, logical and analytical individuals flourish well in technical and highly critical problem solving. There […]

Top 6 career options for students who are good with ...

Spatial ability is generally viewed as the brain’s ability to perceive, process and imagine information about the physical universe. An exceptionally spatial-skilled is able to picture shapes in the brain without looking at them. Thus, a spatially intelligent person tends to learn visually. Though everyone has varying degrees of spatial […]

Careers for students with good spatial ability

Almost all those of grueling hours we spent in school, how many of them actually helped us to face the big bad world and its surreal realities? Life is the best teacher and often the most priceless lessons about life and about our very selves in particular are learnt outside […]

Travelling is the greatest educational gift to oneself

Smartphones help you work smart. Gone are the days when hard work had a more exalted position than smart work. Today when internet has literally enslaved us, smartphones have become indispensable to us anywhere and everywhere! Here are a top 10 ways smartphones have revolutionized our studies and the way […]

How Smartphone help you in Classrooms?

Human beings by basic nature are raw and adventure loving. The love for adventure gave rise to adventure sports like mountaineering, cycling, scuba diving and paragliding, things that our ancestors did as part of their daily lives! India has diverse mountain ranges and topography resulting into many aviation sports and […]

Top paragliding institutes in India

Any professional course is not easy! BDS is no exception to it. It is better to join the course with a clear cut idea about what your career prospects are once you finish the course. BDS offers multiple career options, and it is better to know them right now, and […]

8 Career opportunities after BDS