With both the professional degree of CA and ICWA leading to successful professional career, it is obvious that students faces a dilemma to make a choice from either, CA or ICWA.

Howevever, both cater to different aspect of accounting and a comparision of CA/ICWAI, would clear most of the doubts that students have on which one to choose.

We compare them with the scope, specialisation and different skills aspects each have and need, to give a better idea to students in making their choice easier.


scope of study

  • In depth knowledge on every aspects of accounting, auditing and taxation.
  • Understanding the role and aspects of cost and financial management to ensure a fine balance between expenditures and available resources.

area of specialisation

  • CAs are involved in core accounting work, looking into day-to-day business.
  • Cost accountants are involved in the costing part of financial transactions.


  • analysing risk and design of efficient financial system
  • taxation and auditing work
  • finalising and certifying the annual reports and balance sheets
  • assessing the feasibility of projects vis-à-vis available funds
  • designing cost control and management system
  • suggesting effective cost cutting measures

specific skills

  • logical and methodical approach in work
  • attention to details
  • patience and confidence to handle responsibility
  • analytical mind to interpret facts and figures
  • logical approach in work
  • attention to detail
  • ability to communicate expressly and clearly

which to choose – CA/ICWA?

  • If you are extremely good at general accounting and number crunching, and wish to delve more into it, go for CA.
  • If you are interested to be a specialist in  cost management rather than general accounting, cost accounting (ICWA course) would suit you.


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