Courses after B.Com

Courses after are varied and quite a few you could opt for.


  • The courses after bcom depends on what career path you are looking for in future
  • It is also based on your interest, and
  • whether you have the aptitude (competency) to learn those courses.

Once you are sure and clear on these above points, you can choose the right courses.

We list here the major courses after which you can opt for:-

I.   Accountancy and/or Finance:

If you are looking for a career in accountancy then the following courses after will help you out.

(Click on each to know more about them.)

II.  Banking & Insurance

  • M.Com – With specialisation in Banking & Insurance field will help you get in to the banking and insurance sector. Here again there are many sub-specialisation that you can choose in the banking and insuarance field.

III. Marketing

  • MBA – Marketing
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Marketing – Though MBA is in demand, it is time consuming and expensive. Hence, students may opt for colleges that offer post graduation diploma in marketing, which too gives a sound knowledge and experience on the marketing field.

IV.  Law

  • LLB – If you are really interested in getting in to the legal field, then do your LLB after B.Com. Though the time taken is 3 years, but if you have the aptitude it will be worth it.
  • Bachelor of Academic Laws (3 years)
  • Bachelor of General Laws (BGL) (2 years)
  • Bachelor of Business Law (BBL) (3 years)

Entrance exams – Different law Universities and colleges conduct different law entrance exams

  • NET-National Entrance Test
  • CLAT-Common Law Admission Test
  • Every Law Universities in the country has its own common entrance test. You need to check with the University.

V.   Accounts/Finance Certificate Courses

  • SAP – Many top companies have SAP implemented (Accounting Software). Getting a certification in SAP is a good choice, if one doesn’t intend to do further studies, but want to get in to job related to accounting right away.

VI. Computer Programming

Students who are interested in computer programming stuff and are really good in mathematics can opt for computer programming courses like MCA. For more details on this check this link – Is MCA after BCom a good option?

VII.  Web Design and Animation

  • Web Designing – These are for students who are creative and a liking for creating websites. Since websites are a norm for every small industry, there is huge demand for web designers.
  • Animation – Again this field has more demand and less supply. Hence, if you interested and are good at sketching etc., with a creative mind too, then Animation can surely take you places.


Have a question or doubt regarding your career or course, ASK the experts.


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