Inspirational Story: From Homemaker to Chartered Accoutant

Here is an inspirational story of how an Home Maker cracked the Chartered Accountancy exam.

Renuka Murali, who graduated with a B.Com degree, 23 years ago, had pleaded with her father to let her study chartered accountancy (CA). She could not convince him at that time.

She got maried at the age of 23 in to a joint family of 14 members, and last year she passed, the CA exam in her first attempt.

Truly an inspirational story for students on how to never lose hope, especially for girl students, as Renuka says:

I saw many women who were chartered accountants at a seminar once, and I was surprised. I decided that even if did become one and began work, I wouldn’t be just another staff member. I wanted to be more qualified

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