Panel of Psychologists

Counselling Psychologists

Ms. Shamila Shetty

Ms. Shamila Shetty is a Professional Counselling Psychologists with an extensive experience in Personal Counselling (Parent-Student) and Student Counselling on Career at School and College levels.

She has counselled students ranging from different age groups on Career.

She has an academic background of Counselling Psychology coupled with a Master’s Degree in Philosophy.


Visiting Pscyhologist – Ms. Nehal J. Sequeira

Ms. Nehal J. Sequeira is a qualified Sr. Counselling Psychologist with a Masters Degree in Psychology from the University of Mumbai.

Her expertise as a Psychologist allows her to deal with Academic & Career Counselling with the support of scientific tools (Conducting & reporting psychometric tests for personality and career evaluation).

In Personal counselling, she has worked as School Counsellor, and undertaken Teacher Counselling and Parental Counselling. She has conducted over 900 workshops across the country in soft skills for parenting alone.

In addition to the above, Nehal also develops content and conducts workshops and seminars in areas of personality development, teacher training, parenting and soft skills for corporate employees.