Career Options Apart from Commerce, Arts and Science after 10th

A 2 year old child accidently picks up a screw-driver in his hand, and the ‘bua’ shouts, ‘aare waah, dekho dekho, isko toh engineer hi banna hai, kitna hoshiyaar hai yeh” (“look here, this kid is going to be an engineer, he is so smart”) – little that the child knew, on that very fateful day his career was decided on the basis of a playful gesture.

As conveniently as the screw-driver has given us engineers, a toy stethoscope has also played a vital role in a doctor’s career!!! Yes, we’ve got many such Engineers, Doctors, and Commerce graduates amongst us. This was religiously practiced in many Indian families ages ago.

Today, things have changed drastically. Parents are no more restricting the education options for their children to just Arts, Science, and Commerce after 10th. The traditional practice of enrolling a child to pursue an HSC degree is no more followed now. There are various other options that a student can choose and if you’re not aware of those, here we list a few choices you can make.


Instead of the regular 10+2 (HSC), students can opt for a Diploma course after 10th. The various fields that you can opt for a diploma in, are Mechanical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Instrumentation Engineering, Information Technology, Computer Technology, Automobile Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Metallurgy, to name a few. Diploma Courses are 3 year courses that will enable you to take up jobs immediately after the course.

However, the jobs won’t be as lucrative compared to a student with a B.E or an MBA degree; it’s good enough to get started with.

PS: There are various other fields apart from those mentioned above that a student can choose from.


If you are not comfortable with technical subjects, there are a plethora of non-technical fields out there viz., Hotel Management & Catering Technology, Pharmacy, Interior Designing and Decoration, Travel and Tourism, Textile Manufactures, Medical Laboratory Technology, Food Science, and Dress Designing & Garment Manufacturing to name a few are non-technical fields that you can opt.

PS: Being non-technical doesn’t mean these courses are simple. Each field needs equal determination and hard work to get through.


There are various institutions that also offer specifc courses after 10th for girls only. Specializations include: Administrators, Secretaries, Librarians, Coordinators, Personal Assistants, Architecture Assistantship, Secretarial Practice, Business Administration, Costume Design Dress Making, Library Science & Information Management, etc. The course duration could vary from a 1 year, 2 years or a 3 years.


Students interested in Architecture and/or Design can opt for this course. The F.D.A.D is one of the most prime courses available in India today. An alternative to the regular 11th and 12th, you can take admission in any architecture college that is recognized by the Council of Architecture.

Also, after the completion of this course you can enroll in design and non-professional courses.


While the above mentioned options might be feasible, a student can also enroll in the Indian Army, Indian Navy, and the Police Force. Of course these courses are not last gasp options but need to be chosen wisely.

Standard 10th is considered as one of the most important phases of a student’s life. The choice made mostly determines your career path. As a student, be open about your thoughts and express them to your parents. It will help them guide you better. And in the end, whatever choice you make, only hard work will pay off. All the best!!!


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