What after 10th – Science or Commerce ?

What after 10th ? Science or Commerce ?

If you are one of those student who are confused in choosing either, we try our best to make it simpler for you to understand the basic difference in both these courses.

The choice of Science or Commerce after X standard is a tough one. Both these courses lay the foundation on which a student’s future career is built. Hence the choice become more difficult for a large number of students.

We compare both in terms of scope of study, topics covered, eligibility, higher study options etc., offered by both these courses.

Given below is a comparision of these two courses:-

scope of study

Commerce Commerce course covers basically accounting, economics and related subjects relevant to trade and business.
Science Science is divided in to two viz., applied and pure science courses
  • applied = engineering and technology / medicine
  • pure = theoretical

However, the choice of either applied / pure is done after XII.

curriculum topics

  • Accounting
  • Tax
  • Business Economics
  • Finance
  • Maths (is optional, but important for students to build a better base for higher studies like CA, ICWAI, CFA etc.,)
  • Physics
  • Chemistry
  • Mathematics (is optional, but important for students planning for course related to Engineering etc., after XII)
  • Biology (is optional, but important for students planning for course related to Medicine etc., after XII)

basic academic skills / attributes required

  • Comfortable with calculations and number crunching ie., good analytical skill.
  • Time management viz., completing the task within a specified time limit.
  • Computing skills. Since accounting is done on computer software, getting the basic knowledge in computing (spreadsheet etc.,) will be good.
  • Good communication. Since there will be many queries regarding accounting entries, and accounting is a basically a team work, while in job, communication plays an important part.
  • Comfortable with maths and science subjects
  • Patience. There will be longer periods of studies involved in colleges, and while in jobs for research. Hence, patience is very important for students to excel.
  • Observing. Determining the properties of an object by using your senses is an important aspect in Science.
  • Numerical ability in terms of measurement, estimation of data, recording etc., is important for research work in science.

The list of skills/attributes increases as one progresses in these above fields, but the above are the basic ones that students should have to start with.




X pass with good marks in Maths

Science X pass with good marks in Science and Math subjects

higher studies

Commerce After XII
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Commerce (B.Com)
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Arts (B.A.)

After Graduation

  • Chartered Accountancy
  • Chartered Financial Analyst
  • Cost Accountancy
  • Company Secretary
  • for a full list, click HERE
Science After XII
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Science (B.Sc)
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering / Technology (B.E / B.Tech)
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Medicine  & Surgery (MBBS)

After Graduation

  • Masters in Engineering
  • Doctor of Medicine etc.,
  • for a full list, click HERE

which one to choose?

  • Choose the one that matches your skills and the one which you feel you are passionate about
  • Commerce is less stressful in terms of hours spent in colleges/studies, while science students spends more time if one take in to account the time spent for practicals and tuitions etc.,
  • Commerce students cannot change to streams/courses related to Science after XII, while it is possible the other way round.
  • Both have excellent career prospects in terms of higher professional courses

Still confused on science or commerce?

Students who are comfortable with subjects related to both streams, but are confused which to take, can weigh both the options,

  • wherein Science has more options in the sense that Commerce puts brakes on higher studies related Science, while the door is open for Science students to change gear after XII.
  • you can also weigh the physical / mental stress factor involved in both the courses

It may be possible that after a while, once you take admissions and start your studies, you may feel that neither Science or Commerce is your cup of tea.

Don’t worry, there are plenty of alternate options to choose after your XII in other professional fields like, Media, Management, IT, Hospitality & Tourism, Arts, Law, Sports, Teaching etc.,

So, right now go for a choice which you feel is right for you at the moment, and remember this is not the end, but just the start.

As you understand and mature in coming years, you will learn that you have still more, different and better options ahead.

All the best !

What after 10th is a tough question and confusing at the same time.

We hope the above points have cleared most of your doubts and choosing either of the two or an alternate is much more easier.


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