Why Arts would be a good choice after your 10th standard

There was a time when arts stream was least preferred option for aspiring students of junior college. Students mostly used to go for science and commerce after 10th standard because it opened the gates of various important courses to students. In the process students mostly forgot to look at what the Arts stream had to offer. We give an insight into the top Arts stream options after 10th standard for students.

Apart from getting chance to learn diverse fields such as politics, sociology, social service, literature, journalism and psychology, students can opt for many professional courses after studying arts stream. In current times, arts students have many stable job opportunities in the market.

Arts stream admissions for Junior College

Each college offers different set of subjects to Arts students after 10th. The Overall nature of the syllabus though is similar across India. Learning English and one other language is compulsory. Apart from that, students are allowed to take various combinations of subjects. If you wish to study particular subject, checking it on college websites would be ideal.

Following factors should be kept in mind while choosing arts stream –

1. Personal interest

There is no point in taking arts stream against your will. Love of understanding human societies and history will help you to score good marks in arts. Those who plan to study history, politics or psychology after 12th should opt for Arts stream after 10th class.

2. Aptitude tests

The results of aptitude tests will decide what kind of skills you have. These scientific tests predict the fields suitable for students. So if your aptitude is showing that you are more into learning arts, history and social sciences, you should opt for arts stream after standard 10th. Academic and career counsellors will also recommend you same option based on the analysis of your report. (Read how counselling helps students in career decision making)

Most parents discourage their children from taking Arts stream because they think there are not enough opportunities in this field. However, Arts has to offer some really interesting, good and stable career opportunities. Here are few top careers options for arts majors:-

1. Psychologists and Counsellors

After 12th Arts, it is easier to enrol into psychology courses at undergraduate and postgraduate level. Psychologists are mostly posted as counsellors at educational institutes, corporations and hospitals. They are also employed to carry various kinds of psychological studies and research. In today’s competitive world there are lot of stress on every individual. A counsellors and psychologists are thus in great demand in personal, academic, sports and career fields.

2. Economists

Economics majors are in huge demand today. They get recruited at credit rating agencies, banks, policy making bodies, government agencies and think tanks as economists or analysts. They are involved in taking decisions with high stakes. Some of them go on to become Chief Economists for banks and governments.

3. Social workers

The students from arts stream understand the inequalities and injustice in the society better. Therefore, they make good social workers. Increasing number of Non-governmental organisations are hiring arts students for project management and fund raising.

4. Other equally popular fields

Arts students go on to become prominent journalists, historians, anthropologists and professors. Arts students also appear for various civil services exams which recruit for high level government officials.

The Arts stream courses have changed with times and it has introduced application oriented learning. Therefore, students of arts are getting enormous opportunities in different fields.


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