Engineering students may have to clear Exit exam now

Just over a week since the Central Government mandated medical students to pass the National Exit Test, before they get to use the “doctor” tag, there are talks on having similar exit exam for engineering students.

The proposal is still under discussion, and it seems the Government is keen to use the Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering (GATE) as the exit exam.

If the proposal is passed, then all engineering students would need to clear the exit exam after completion of their graduation studies.

With four years of rigorous studies, this additional test may sound as demanding a bit too much from engineering students. However, just as in case of medical exit test, this too could level the playing field and improve quality of engineering studies across the country.

As per the news articles appearing in The Hindustan Times and Indian Express, among other leading news papers, with so many students passing out from different types of colleges across the country, it becomes difficult to know the quality of the education being imparted.

Currently, GATE, an all-India examination conducted jointly by the Indian Institute of Science and seven Indian Institutes of Technology, is used by IITs for admission to M.Tech.

Whether GATE will be used as the exit test or any other new exit test is finalised, it looks like students seeking admission in engineering colleges could be the most benefited. As, students can simply look at the passing out percentage of the exit exams and decide whether or not to choose a particular college. The industry can also be assured of the quality level of students they are hiring. All this will automatically prompt colleges to impart best technical education to their students.

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