Single Entrance Exams for Engineering planned from 2018

The Central Government is considering conducting a Single Entrance Exam for admission to all engineering colleges, across the country, including private institutions.

This would be a great move, if implemented, and bring relief to thousands of students who are extremely stressed out preparing for the different engineering exams.

The proposed Joint Entrance Exam (JEE) could kick in as early as year 2018, and is aimed at bringing more transparency in to admission procedure. As per news article in Hindustan Times, this test, which if cleared, could be on the lines of the national eligibility cum entrance exam (NEET), that is being conducted for entry in to medical colleges.

With a country obsessed with Engineering degree, most of the private colleges are taking advantage of it, by charging high fees or selling seats at premium under management or NRI quotas.

This move could possible put brakes to such practices, as it has been found that most of the students from such engineering colleges struggle to find a job, because companies don’t find them capable enough to meet expectation set by them, as far as technical abilities/aptitudes are concerned.

Hopefully, this will open opportunity to students who have a good level of aptitude and interest in technical field to pursue engineering from a decent college.

The proposal, to set right a good technically sound education system, is said to have been the main discussion point in the recently held meeting from officials from HRD ministry and the regular for engineering college in India viz., All-India Council for Technical Education (AICTE).

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