What to do after BSC IT and BCA?

Students who are pursuing BSC IT and BCA, or finished their graduation in these coures, there are plenty of options after BSC IT and BCA for a good career ahead.

We have technical fields like MSC/BCA, management fields like MS or MBA and other options too after BSC IT and BCA

MSc. IT or MCA

If you really liked and excelled in all the coding stuff that you did during your graduation and wish to make a career doing it, then choose MSC. IT or MCA.

These courses will give you indepth study and understanding of software and related subjects.

It provides you a greater level of knowledge in computers along with a higher degree that gives you a upperhand in the job market.

MSC IT takes 2 years while MCA takes 3 years to complete studies.

However, your choice should depend on the subjects that each of them offers vis-a-vis the interest and aptitude/skills you have, rather than just considering the years of study.

Hence, while choosing either :-

  • go through the syllabus and field of study each of the course offers
  • check out with the senior students and
  • take help of your teachers for guidance.

MS in IT / Computer Science and MBA

MS or MBA is again a good choice after BSC IT and BCA.

The basic difference between the two is:

MS is a specalised degree that focuses on one functional area of business. In this case it would be IT.

While, MBA is a general business management degree which comprises of core management courses and elective courses.

MBA too has a specialised IT related course viz., MBA IT, that focuses only on the IT field.

To get an basic idea of MS and MBA, check out their difference HERE

Which one to choose, MSC/MCA or MBA/MS?

If you are technically brilliant, and prefers doing coding stuff, go for either MSC/MCA.

If you are more interested in the business part and making analysis etc., MS/MBA is a good option.

It also gives you a wider choice of industries while job hunting.

Check out your skills/aptitude and then choose your preference accordingly.

A point to note is that an MBA or MS degree can be gained later as one’s career grow with part-time and correspondence courses, while technical courses done full-time is always better.

Other Options after BSC IT and BCA

Web Designing – These are for students who are creative and a liking for creating websites. Since websites are a norm for every small industry, there is huge demand for web designers.

Animation – Again this field has more demand and less supply. Hence, if you interested and are good at sketching etc., with a creative mind too, then Animation can surely take you places.

Teaching – If teaching is your interest, then you need to do B.Ed and later M.Phil or Ph.D in IT/Computer Science to become a lecturer.


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