Why internship is important for every student?

In this fast growing professional world where experience is considered more important than qualification, internships come as the first step to professional success.

Most employers today, prefer to hire fresher who have performed well during their internship period and not in their academics.

Practical experience
In most fields, more than the theoretical knowledge, what helps is the practical experience in the field.

Internship concretizes the abstract theories and examples learned in classroom by placing the student in a real life work situation, with real live co-workers, giving a chance to perform actual professional tasks.

Understanding the profession
While doing an internship with a particular firm, the student understands the profession in a far better way. It helps her/him to understand if the career choice made is right or wrong.

High chances of getting a job
A very well performing intern can always have a chance of getting a job in the same company after the studies, if the employers are impressed by the work.

Hence, one can always consider that an internship could be the first step to get a permanent job at the same place.

One of the best ways to get a job after completing the studies, is to use networks.

While in Internship, a student can build his networking contacts with professionals, that could be helpful in the long run to find the right job.

Networking helps in securing a job faster than any job portal.

Pocket money
Not every, but most of the firms do provide a stipend to the interns, giving them a source of income for a temporary period.

Even as stipend is an advantage, the intention of acquiring an internship should not be money, but experience.

The best reward of an internship would be if it develops into a full-time job.

Builds confidence
Internships boost self confidence not only while performing in academics but also while hunting for a job after passing out of college.

It is rightly said that practice makes man perfect, at least in the case of internship, it does.

Internship is that first step towards perfection in any profession.


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