3 Best Complementary Degrees or Certifications while pursing Criminology

Do you want to pursue any complementary course with your regular law degree or degree in criminal justice? If yes, you should consider about following majors, which complement perfectly with the degree of criminal justice and even highlight primary category associated with criminology.

Major benefit associated with pursuing of any complementary course or certification program is that it boosts the chances of getting a criminal justice job in near future for candidates.

Until now, law students have opted to pursue following major certifications:

1. Social Work and Sociology

Sociology is one among large numbers of majors, which work perfectly with the degree of criminal justice. Criminology refers to study of various criminals and actions, while sociology implies study of various people and the way, in which different groups perform their functions.

Hence, studying of law course (criminal law) in combination with sociology allows individuals to undergo research work on type of people, who would likely commit crimes and identify ways, by which race, poverty and other related factors may result in increase of crime-related actions and behaviors reported within a particular community.

On the other side, if you have interests to work with criminals and victims of crimes on own, you should definitely think about complementary education in social work.

2. Psychology

Psychology serves as one of the important fields associated with behavior study of people. Professionals involved in this study i.e. psychologists, assist people to deal with depression, anxiety and various other mental illness problems. However, they also study about specific human behaviors and things or situations, which compel people to perform their activities in such a manner. Forensic psychologists also work for various federal prison systems, in state-level prisons with law enforcements and attorneys after a person commits any crime.

3. Computer Science

Computer Science also acts as a major certification course with law degree in criminology stream. Experts acquiring certifications in computer science will help local, state and federal law officers to keep and maintain a proper track of criminals with the help of internet mediums and find evidences based on computer systems, which would help a lot in putting of criminals behind the bar.

Today, large numbers of available designations require much more than simply passing a basic course in computer systems. In fact, law candidate opts to pursue Computer Science certification to understand varieties of operating systems properly, focus on finding information concealed in machines and varieties of software programs utilized by professionals associated with the same industry.

Here comes the role of Computer Science certifications, whose syllabus include every possible topic, software programs, data structure and hardware, along with study about innovative applications, all of which help individuals a lot to gain a detailed knowledge and education on aforementioned necessary concepts and thereby, achieve success and grab plenty of opportunities after completion of their regular law courses.


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