Biotech MBA

MBA in Biotech is a programme designed for students who wish to handle management related functions in biotechnological and related organisations.

The study would equip you with all the tasks related to effective managerial operations in an biotech industry.

It’s a comprehensive degree that covers all the major areas viz., marketing, finance, hr, operations, thus providing an in-depth knowledge of the industry.

What does the programme covers?

The programme majorly covers the following areas – 

  • Marketing
  • Finance
  • HR
  • Management communications
  • Statistics
  • Business law
  • Macro and micro economics
  • Molecular biology
  • Operations
  • Brand management
  • International business etc.,

Eligibility, Entrance Exams and Institutes

The MBA Biotech program is eligible and/or preferable for students with the following graduation degrees –

  • B.Sc / M.Sc (Chemistry / Biology / Biotech / Life Sciences / Microbiology etc.,)
  • B.Tech / B.E (Chemical Engineering / Biotechnology / Bioinformatics / Biomedical etc.,)
  • B. Pharm

The entrance exams for various institutes are:-

Students however can start preparations for the entrance exams after their XII (Inter).

Career Prospects – why mba in biotech ?

Biotechnology is one of the fastest growing fields, and more and more companies are getting into this field of science.

Hence an MBA in biotech is advantageous for students who are focused on making a career in bio and allied industry.

The course is designed with a mix of all the basics of biotechnology and management functions related exclusively to these industries.

Every industry has its own unique business strategy and management needs. Hence, biotech companies prefer students with a management background in biotechnology to handle the responsibility of efficient functioning and smooth running of their operations.

MBA in Biotechnology thus puts you in an advantageous position to leverage your career in these industries.

You would get to work with various industries viz., biotechnology, pharma & drugs, life sciences, bioinformatics, research institutes, service industries, market research organisations, consulting firms etc.,

Work / functions you are involved in

You would be involved in the following functions:-

  • Analysing and assessing feasibility of products vis-à-vis market demand
  • Design strategies to market new products
  • Branding
  • Design strategies to raise capital and its effective utilisation
  • Analysing and assessing the movement of materials and services
  • Planning and control
  • Recruitment and selection

Basic Skills / Attributes required

A student pursuing a management career in biotech should possess the following skill and attributes–

  • good reasoning skill (understanding the pros & cons)
  • ability to make and implement decisions
  • communicate expressly and clearly
  • logical approach and problem solving skill
  • attention to detail


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