Executive MBA (e-mba)

Every working professional desires to earn a degree that leverages their career prospects, while enhancing their skills, and giving a broader outlook to their day-to-day work.

Executive mba or emba is designed to meet such specific needs of every working professional.

It focuses on global business management strategies, equipping leadership qualities to excel in your area of specialisation / profession.

Career prospects

Earning an MBA will put you in a better position to tackle varied management problems with refreshed and innovative approach.

An executive mba / emba degree, while increases your career prospects, also develops your management skills to be on par with global practice.

The case studies involved in the programme cover a wide spectrum of area, which enables one to detect and fix crisis in quick time, applying practical solutions.

Eligibility, Entrance Exams and Institutes

Eligibility is decided on the following:-

  1. years of professional service in management cadre
  2. performance level and achievements during service
  3. marks scored in entrance exams
  4. academic qualifications

Advantage over other MBA programs?

An E-MBA course covers all the major aspects and rigours of a regular MBA program.

Designed especially for professionals, with minimum 5 years of professional experience, it opens up a wealth of knowledge and experience each student brings to the curriculum.

This makes it an interesting and high level interaction programs to learn and exchange working practices in different levels of management.

It leads to wide exchange of knowledge and faster solutions to practical problems that occurs in daily and routine management functions.

For more detailed comparison of executive mba or mba regular etc., check the different types of mba – HERE

Finally, check out this video of Insead, wherein students talk of benefits of emba. The best comment is by one who says last why he joined – ‘People’. Yes, people is the most important aspect of managing, because at the end, managers have to manage people. If one gets to acquaint with people with good experience during study, it is a great plus.


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