Finance or Marketing MBA

A comparision of mba in finance and mba in marketing management with regards to the career prospects is a difficult one.

The reason being both deal with completely different aspects of management, while one is more of managing the capital, the other is all about devising strategy to capture market.

The skillsets and personal attributes again differ, so also the demand and requirement of each in the industry scenario.

So, here we give below a brief comparision for you to decide, finance or marketing, which is just right for you.

study focus


investments, securities, market analysis, economics, costing etc.,

Marketing Marketing, sales, branding, finance, advertisement, people management etc.,



Graduation (any stream – preferably commerce)


Graduation (any stream)

roles (head-to-head)

  • Finance team design strategies to raise capital from different sources for effective funding of projects

  • It assesses risks and benefits involved in projects vis-à-vis market economics

  • Marketing team brings in sales – money, which runs the organisation.
  • It designs innovative promotional strategies that cuts across people and defy market conditions to bring in profits all time.

work profile

  • Compiling financial information

  • Assessing feasibility of projects

  • Raising funds

  • Cost management

  • Analysing legal and financial aspects of new investments

  • Analysing & assessing product feasibility
  • Design marketing strategies
  • Setting marketing goals
  • Branding
  • Planning
  • Promotional campaigns
  • Client research etc.,

Career demand
(no. of jobs vis-à-vis people required in an organisation)


(though finance is the life-blood of an organisation, the team consists of less management personnel as compared to marketing / sales.)

Marketing High
(organisations needs different marketing teams and strategies to sell different products & services – hence a bigger marketing team)

Career risks


Medium to High

Finance jobs, esp. in investment companies, which are directly dictated by market conditions, are more risk prone, due to fluctuating marketing conditions.

However, they are far more secure in other industries.

Marketing HigherMarketing job is based on performance, and markets are unpredictable.Hence it poses a higher risk to job security for non-performers.

skills & attributes

  • clear communication
  • reasoning skills
  • positive attitude
  • problem solving skill
  • make and implement decisions
  • zeal to sell
  • creative
  • willingness to take risks
  • logical approach
  • outgoing personality
  • clear communication
  • reasoning skills
  • positive attitude
  • problem solving skill
  • make and implement decisions

which one to choose – finance or marketing ?

Both fields have great career prospects, hence –

  • Choose the field that appeals you more

  • Define the role you wish to play in future, and

  • Ensure you have talents and skills to match your choice.


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