People viz., Human Resources – is the most important part of any organisation.

All good companies have great ideas, potential products to market and various means to raise money, but if it doesn’t have the right people to manage it, all efforts are fruitless.

Companies stand on the strength of its people – talented, skilled and dedicated.

Why MBA in HR?

An HR MBA (MBA in HR) teaches you how to build this solid foundation – people, by managing them, delegating their duties and keeping them in harmony.

The comprehensive MBA degree covers every aspect of HR viz., people management, human resource development, legal aspects involved, case studies etc.,

What would you do in this profession?

Your major functions in the organisation would be:-

  • Employee Recruitment and selection- induction, training and orientation
  • Retention and succession planning
  • Designing and implementing performance management systems
  • Employee career planning, counselling and appraisal etc.,

Career prospects

With companies going global and industries rising to international standards, the role of an HR has increased multi-fold.

HR plays an integral role in sourcing source and retaining talents that help it zoom during peak times and bring stability during difficult market

Hence, organisations are looking out for talented students with management degrees in HR who are trained and better equipped to take on the challenge of building the best human resource talents to leverage the organisation to a higher level.

All this has resulted in the career of an MBA student with HR background take a huge leap forward with returns and perks comparable to the best in the industry.

  • good communication skill
  • people management (interact and be sensitive to people’s needs)
  • eye to spot talent
  • outgoing personality with positive attitude
  • patience and perseverance
  • logical approach in solving problems

Eligibility, Entrance Exams and Institutes

The minimum requirement to pursue an HR MBA (MBA in HR) is a bachelor’s degree (any stream).

The entrance exams for various institutes are:-

Students however can start preparations for the entrance exams after their XII (Inter).


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