HR or Marketing MBA

HR or Marketing, each caters to completely different aspects of management, and hence a comparision would surely bring about the difference in functions an HR manager uses in his work compared to a Marketing manager.

The area of concentration of efforts are totally different, though both have one common aspect of managing people.

So, here we give below a brief comparision for you to decide, HR or marketing, which is just right for you.

study focus

HR people management, human resource development, employee legal issues
Marketing Marketing, sales, branding, finance, advertisement, people management etc.,


HR Graduation (any stream)

Graduation (any stream)

roles (head-to-head)

  • HR team delegates right person to the right job, which ensures smooth sailing and stability to the organisation.
  • It evaluates performance and design succession planning to create an equal balance and ensures retaining talents
  • Marketing team brings in sales – money, which runs the organisation.
  • It designs innovative promotional strategies that cuts across people and defy market conditions to bring in profits all time.

work profile

  • Recruitment and selection
  • induction, training and orientation
  • Retention and succession planning
  • Designing performance management systems
  • career planning, counselling and appraisal etc.,
  • Analysing & assessing product feasibility
  • Design marketing strategies
  • Setting marketing goals
  • Branding
  • Planning
  • Promotional campaigns
  • Client research etc.,

Career demand
(no. of jobs vis-à-vis people required in an organisation)

HR Medium
(though it controls every staff across the organisation, the HR team consists few members – hence a smaller team)
Marketing Higher
(organisations needs different marketing teams and strategies to sell different products & services – hence a bigger marketing team)

Career risks

HR Medium
HR jobs are not dictated by market conditions.Hence, it comes with less risk and more job security.
Marketing Higher
Marketing job is based on performance, and markets are unpredictable.Hence it poses a higher risk to job security for non-performers.

skills & attributes

  • people management
  • patience and perseverance
  • clear communication
  • outgoing personality
  • positive attitude
  • logical approach
  • problem solving skill
  • reasoning skill
  • zeal to sell
  • creative
  • make and implement decisions
  • willingness to take risks
  • clear communication
  • outgoing personality
  • positive attitude
  • logical approach
  • problem solving skill

which one to choose – hr or marketing ?

Both fields have great career prospects, hence –

  • Choose the field that appeals you more

  • Define the role you wish to play in future, and

  • Ensure you have talents and skills to match your choice.


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