Marketing MBA (MBA in Marketing)

An organisation that cannot sell its products or services in an effective manner stands to lose out in the long run.

With every known services and products available in market from different sources, the only way to outwit and outthink your competitors is intelligent marketing.

So, what is MBA in Marketing?

Students opting for an Marketing MBA (MBA in marketing) are honed with special skills that infuse innovation in their marketing technique to stand out tall among the crowd.

The study covers every aspect of marketing management viz., sales, branding, finance, advertisement, people management etc.,

What would you do in this profession?

You would be involved in the following functions in an organisation:-

  • Analysing and assessing feasibility of products vis-à-vis market demand
  • Design strategies to market new products
  • Setting marketing goals
  • Branding
  • Planning and adoption of promotional campaigns
  • Client research etc.,

Career prospects

Whether the market is shooting up or tumbling down, marketing person, with inventive strategies, are always in demand, as they are the ones who bring ideas to progress and stay afloat in every situation.

Thus, an MBA in Marketing student, with in-depth and varied knowledge in every aspect of marketing management, is preferred by industries that are on a
continuous growth path.

Interaction and reporting to the management also ensures faster recognition and quicker rewards for the talented and bright.

MBA in Marketing not only earns you degree and job satisfaction, but puts your career on a fast lane to progress with handsome returns to match.

What skills should you posses?

It’s important that students have / develop the following skill-sets / personality to attain a higher rate of success –

  • good reasoning skill (understanding the pros & cons)
  • ability to communicate quick, clear and fast- a zeal to sell
  • creative, outgoing personality with positive attitude
  • ability to make and implement decisions
  • logical approach and problem solving skill

Eligibility, Entrance Exams and Institutes

The minimum requirement to pursue an MBA-Marketing is a bachelor’s degree (any stream).

The entrance exams for various institutes are:-

Students however can start preparations for the entrance exams after their XII (Inter).


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