MBA or MTech

As an engineer approaches his/her final year of graduation, the question of what next is an important thing to be dealt with, MBA or Mtech ?

With MBA, which is the most preferred option among college goers, an engineer also has an option of chasing an M.Tech / M.E.  degree.

M.Tech / M.E.  like the MBA degree, has its own charm with immense prestige and importance associated with niche field of specialisations for students to excel in and make a future.

It is then necessary to sit and understand what these two masters degree programme offers in terms of scope of study, area of specialisation, scope of work involved, career prospects etc., Here is a brief comparision of both these degrees:-

years of study

MBA 2 years
MTech 2 years

programme conducted by

MBA B-Schools (Business Schools)
MTech Technical institutes and Universities.

study focus

MBA It covers the major aspects that influence business viz.,
  • Marketing
  • Finance
  • HR
  • Operations etc.,

Then there are industry-specific MBA fields viz.,

  • Aviation MBA
  • Biotech MBA
  • IT MBA etc.,
MTech It covers in-depth technical study under a chosen field of specialisation viz.,
  • in Architectural Engineering (urban designing, regional planning, industrial design etc.,)
  • in Civil Engineering (structural, construction, hydraulic etc.,)
  • in Computer Engineering (artificial intelligence, information system, computer graphics etc.,)
  • in Electronics Engineering (control systems, instrumentation, computer networking etc.,)

and so on…..

scope of work involved

MBA Strategy and planning work in corporate business related to management functional areas viz., marketing, finance, hr, operations etc.,
MTech Engineering projects involving – research, design and development of new products and services.


MBA Management skills vary as per area of work. Though basically one needs to manage people and resources in the best possible way, here are a few must have skills that a management person should possess or imbibe:-
  • Logical approach to work
  • Problem solving skills
  • Clear communication
  • Positive attitude etc.,
MTech Here logic doesn’t work, as the requirement is purely technical and until unless the work is technically correct, nothing works. Hence technical accuracy is foremost in the list, while others that would help are:
  • Methodical approach to work
  • Meticulous
  • High level of patience

career prospects

MBA MBA with a top b-school will fetch a good career launch in top management cadre in good companies.
MTech M.Tech with specialisation will get you into core technical division of good engineering companies.

higher studies


PhD (Doctorate – Business Management)


PhD (Doctorate – Technical)

which one to choose mba or mtech ?

MBA Take MBA if you wish to work with the management team, doing analysis, reports, documentation, planning and making strategies to improve business in core areas of management viz., marketing, finance, hr, operations etc.,
MTech Do M.Tech/M.E if you wish to work with the technical research team that’s involved in engineering projects viz., design, research and tests to improve, innovate and come up with new solutions to products, designs & technologies.An MBA is a good option for persons in technical profession, if their job in future would demand business management techniques or they would simply want to switch over to business management. An e-MBA would serve the purpose.


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