MBA Regular vs Specialised MBA programme

An important and tricky choice to make while deciding to go for MBA is whether to take Regular MBA or a Specialised MBA? Regular MBA is the most popular choice, while a niche / mba specialisation is fast gaining importance amongst students.

Before we get in to the comparision, a brief information on both MBA programmes. Regular MBA deals with general management programme, which focuses on core management aspects of organisations like – Finance, HR, Marketing etc., while Specialised MBA deals with similar aspects, but concentrates specifically to a type of industry viz., mba in biotech or mba in pharma, mba in aviation, mba in hospitality, mba in banking, mba in IT etc.,

We now compare both these programmes with regards to their coverage, mba specialisation available, eligibility, career prospects etc.,


Regular In-depth study and analysis of all major aspects of management related in general to an industry, like – marketing, finance, human resources etc.,
Specialised Touches all major aspects of management, with focus on niche / specalised industry chosen viz., pharma, biotech, IT, aviation, environment, hospitality etc.,


Regular you can choose further specialisation among the general topics, as per your strength, skill-set and attributes.viz., marketing, finance, human resources, operations, systems etc.,
Specialised The curriculum is set at the beginning of the course with no specific changes or option to choose a specialisation.


Regular Graduation (any stream).
Specialised For niche categories, the eligibility varies, for example:-MBA in Pharma – B. Pharm, B.Sc/M.Sc – Chemistry/Biology, B.E. (Chemical) etc.,MBA in Biotech – B.Sc/M.Sc – Biotech/Biology/Chemistry, Engineering (Biotech / Bioinformatics) etc.,While for specialisations like MBA Hospitality, Banking etc., the requirement is graduation (any stream).MBA in IT – Graduation in any stream, but preference would be given to Graduates with computer courses background, like B.Sc/M.Sc – Computer Science, B.Tech/B.E – Computer Science / IT etc.,

career prospects

Regular High – The specialisations covered under regular MBA like – marketing, hr, operations, finance etc., are generic/common requisite to all kind of industries and hence it offers a wider choice to students while job hunting.
Specialised Medium – Being an industry specific course, the curriculum here is exclusively designed for a specific sector and its allied industry.The options are thus limited and confined to industries in those sectors.

which one to choose – regular or mba specialisation?

Regular MBA regular is for students who are:-
  • open and confident to work in different kind of industries.
  • eager to carve a niche for themselves in a specific management role i.e, either marketing or finance, HR and so on.
  • comfortable with any one area of specialisation.

Note: students who haven’t made up their minds on which industry they would work in future could keep their options open for a later choice by taking regular mba.


Specialised MBA Specialised programs are for students who are:-
  • focused and determined to work in a particular industry eg., drugs & pharma, biotech, IT, aviation, hospitality  etc.,
  • already working and prefer to move up in career related / allied to that specific industry. Here, a specialised mba would help alleviate their career prospects.

Note: with like-minded students having similar preferences the course study would involve good exchange of knowledge and building professional contacts for future.


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