MS or MBA – which is better?

Which one is right for me? or, which is the best, MS or MBA?

One, a technical degree while the other a management degree, both of which hold a great value in the job market, and hence more tougher to make a choice.

To make things easier, first you should understand what these two degrees offer and then check if it matches your skills and interest vis-a-vis your current career point.

MS MBA – The basic difference

MBA (Master of Business Administration) is a general business management degreem which comprises of core management courses and elective courses (for specialisation).

MS (Master of Science in Management) is a specalised degree that focuses on one functional area of business.

MS MBA Scope

MBA will expose you to all the varied core subjects in management viz., HR, Finance, Operations, Marketing etc.,

With MBA you get a general degree that covers all the major functioning areas of management, and even though you don’t specialise in one, you get the whole picture on how these areas operate and prepare you for a diverse role, if that is what you are looking for.

With MBA you get an overall understanding of all the major areas of management. With time and experience you may then choose the one specialisation that suits your skills and interest and do a major (MS) in that.

MS digs deeper and helps one to become a master/specialist in that area. The scope is immense for a specialist in any subject, and the returns are handsome too.

For example, in companies, there is need for specialist in every field viz., a financial analyst, a technical head, a manager who is trained in international business etc., These are specialist position and can be filled in by people who have indepth knowledge in these areas.

Hence, MS scores over MBA in indepth study, while MBA scores over MS in flexibility and knowledge in major areas of management.

You can say, if MS makes you the Master in a single trade, MBA is like a Jack of all trades.

What should you choose – MS or MBA?

Students who have just completed their graduation, it makes sense to go for MS and get an indepth knowledge on a field of their interest. It gives them a good platform to get a job in that specialised area.

Once, you get a good experience in the field of say 6-7 years, and then you are in a stage of career wherein you are managing a bigger team of people and looking in to more than 2-3 area of functioning, then getting an MBA is more practical, as different aspects of management needs to be looked into.

Alternatively, If you want to manage diverse range of people and business right away, then take MBA.

Students who don’t want to get stuck in to a single specialisation or unsure of one specific area of work in which they would make their career, but would prefer getting more knowledge of different aspects of managing, MBA suits them well.

With varied classes, and diverse student body, in MBA you will learn all the basic management subjects with a wider range of subjects and academic options.

Students still unsure of either, could visit the institutes and speak to the faculties, senior students etc., to get an idea of the curriculum and what career path one embarks after both these courses.

You can get contacts of working ex-students, professionals etc.,to get a more practical view of things such as starting salary packages, work profile etc., to make you choose more wisely and smartly.

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