Operations MBA (MBA in operations)

An organisation might have good financial source, cost-efficient raw materials and a great product design, but without a systematic co-ordination between them, the end result will be poor, resulting in unhappy customers and thus projecting a bad company image.

This is where the Operations team come in to play. They give direction and control to the whole process of procuring materials, manufacturing the products and ensuring it reaches the market with quality intact, on schedule.

This systematic running of various processes, without a slack, ensures alignment of departments and smooth operating of various activities in a controlled manner.

Why MBA in operations ?

The Operations MBA (MBA in Operations) degree is designed to provide tools that help in improving productivity and solving various managerial problems, thus ensuring smooth operation of manufacturing and service activities.

The study covers every aspect of operating management viz., manufacturing and production management, material and inventory management, distribution and service management etc.,

What would you do in this profession?

You would be involved in the following functions in an organisation:-

  • Procurement and materials management
  • Analysing and assessing the movement of materials and services
  • Development of information system
  • Manufacturing planning and control
  • Inventory control
  • Logistics management
  • Supply chain management

Career prospects

The competitive nature of business has put immense importance to effective planning and efficient management to ensure smooth flow of activities, thereby minimising overheads, controlling cost and guaranteeing customer satisfaction.

This helps an organisation to stay afloat competition, thereby increasing its profitability and market standing in relation to its satisfied customers.

With increasing globalisation, efficiency is the key to sustained business success.

Hence organisations are increasingly employing talented management graduates to take up this challenge. The operations team has become the most integral part of every organisation.

MBA in operations, designed exclusively for students who wish to jump into this challenging field of managing, aligning and smooth functioning of various areas related to an organisation’s procurement-production-supply-service, is thus the best and the right choice.

The options of industries to choose from are varied and wide:-

  • Manufacturing sector
  • IT
  • Service sector (Healthcare, Banking, BPOs etc.,)
  • Retail sector
  • Consultancies etc.,

What skills should you posses?

It’s important that students have / develop the following skill-sets / personality to attain a higher rate of success in the operations side of business:-

  •  multi-tasking (ability to work in cross-functional teams & departments)
  • good reasoning skill (understanding the pros & cons)
  • ability to communicate quick, clear and fast
  • logical approach and problem solving skill
  • ability to deal with uncertainty
  • clear understanding of the industry that he/she opts
  • strong analytical skills

Eligibility, Entrance Exams and Institutes

The minimum requirement to pursue an MBA-Operations is a bachelor’s degree (any stream).

The entrance exams for various institutes are:-

Students however can start preparations for the entrance exams after their XII (Inter).


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