Pharm D. vs B. Pharm course

Two good options to choose for students seeking graduation in pharmacy related courses are Pharm D. and B. Pharm.

Pharm D (Doctor), not to be confused with D. Pharm (Diploma) is a Doctor degree, which is highly integrated and in-depth course on clinical pharmacy. It is specifically designed for students interested in becoming practising pharmacist for large hospitals and healthcare industries. The course is designed and on par with the global requirement.

B. Pharm on the other had is research studies that involves drug discovery, quality control, quality assurance etc.,

Here is a brief comparision of Pharm D. vs B. Pharm in the areas of study each deals with, the industries/organisations one work, the functional area of work involved etc.,

years of study & eligibility

Pharm D. Integrated Course – 6 years(XII with PCM or PCB, or D.Pharm)Post Baccalaureate – 3 years(B. Pharm)
B. Pharma 4 years – (Eligibility – XII with science stream)

study focus

Pharm D. Clinical practice
B. Pharma Research oriented

industries you get to work

Pharm D.
  • hospitals
  • healthcare industries
  • retail outlets
  • consulting etc.,
B. Pharm
  • drugs and pharmaceutical manufacturing
  • biotech industries
  • medical instrument making
  • FDA etc.,

major functional areas of work

Pharm D.
  • drug dispensing
  • patient counseling
  • consulting
  • patient history and record keeping
  • maintain records of medicines and its after effects
  • advise safe usage and administration of drugs etc.,
B. Pharm
  • new drug discovery
  • analysis and testing
  • quality control
  • quality assurance
  • sales & marketing
  • clinical research
  • consultancy services etc.,

which one to choose?

Pharm D. Students who wish to make a career working as pharmacist in large hospitals and healthcare industries in the country / abroad (US & U.K. etc.,) may pursue Pharm D.
B. Pharm Researching new drugs and therapies, while working for drugs, pharma and biotech industries, is what you are looking for, then choose B.Pharm followed by the masters programme – M. Pharm.

higher studies / combination degrees

Pharm D. If you are interested in higher clinical research work, you may do your PhD.
B. Pharm If drug research is what you are interested, you may do M. Pharma and later PhD.
Note: Students interested in management stuff, can go for an MBA after Pharm D. or B.Pharm, choosing either a regular mba or industry specific course like Pharma MBAHere is a brief comparision on a regular mba vs specialised mba


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