Once you take admission in a college for graduation course, you will witness drastic changes in your life. Along with the regular academic activites you indulge many other social acitivities viz., making new friends, be the part of societies and meeting many new people, and most importantly – getting along […]

How to break ice with your seniors in college

With every new session, you enter to a new world of education. For those who have finished their matriculation, there are many doors opened to enter the new career. Now when you are grown up and planning to start your college or higher school education, this is the correct time […]

Ragging – How to avoid it

The new academic session is approaching and the hunt for colleges had started. With the start of new college, you will meet many faces as your teachers, colleagues, seniors and staff. This is the phase when you actually need freedom in decision and thoughts, be it you subject selection or […]

How to choose the right college after your 10th?

Do you want to pursue any complementary course with your regular law degree or degree in criminal justice? If yes, you should consider about following majors, which complement perfectly with the degree of criminal justice and even highlight primary category associated with criminology. Major benefit associated with pursuing of any […]

3 Best Complementary Degrees or Certifications while pursing Criminology

IELTS stands for International English Language Testing System, which is most trusted and authorized English language program. The course is especially designed for the non- Native English speakers and is acceptable globally by many universities. IELTS test is managed by British Council and IDP: IELTS Australia and University of Cambridge […]

IELTS – Eligibility – Test Pattern – Structure

Chemistry is one of the most important fundamental sciences. The research and development in the field of chemistry has given us everything from soaps, cosmetics to medicines. A career in chemistry is definitely the best way to contribute positively to this world through your work. The field of chemistry basically […]

Chemistry as a career choice after 12th

The whole world around you is governed by common set of rules and regulations. We call it ‘law’. Lawyers are the professionals who makes sure that these laws can be used for the betterment of their clients. The profession of law is not only lucrative but also respected in society. […]

Top specialisations in Law

In the age of Globalization, economics has become an important discipline. National economies are rapidly integrating with the world economy. Governments and private corporations need top notch economists, statisticians and policy makers to make this process smoother and more efficient. The economics majors are also required for research, consultancy and […]

7 Top career choices in Economics

India recently became the fastest growing major economy in the world. But do you know who informed us about this development? Talented economists compiled the data of multiple quarters and reached to this conclusion. Apart from tracking such huge global development, the domain of economics has lot to offer. With […]

Is Economics a good career choice for students after 12th?

Joining Indian civil services is most honorable career in India. Along with a chance to serve your country, you get respect and income enough to live prosperous life. Services like IAS, IFS and IPS attract top talent in the country. But, as a student, youhave to clear one of the […]

Career in Civil Services, options and steps involved

Painting is probably the oldest art form we have. The history of this art dates from cave paintings to modern art. The art has evolved in the forms water colours, acrylic paint, oil paint and tempera paint. Wood and stones are also being used nowadays in art. Sales and auctions […]

Can there be a real career in painting

Exams are over and summer vacations are on. Many of you must be already bored by sitting at home watching television or playing video games. For many students, summer vacation is long period of 2 or 3 months’ holiday. These are the times you can get only in your school […]

How to spend your board vacations fruitfully

Music has power to cut all the mental, linguistic and cultural barriers. It almost works like magic on humans. It creates a positive energy in people. If you are passionate about contributing to people’s lives through your creativity, in a positive way, then career in music could be a best […]

How to make a career out of Music

There was a time when arts stream was least preferred option for aspiring students of junior college. Students mostly used to go for science and commerce after 10th standard because it opened the gates of various important courses to students. In the process students mostly forgot to look at what […]

Why Arts would be a good choice after your 10th ...

Volunteering is not just working at remote place for few months. People opt for volunteering because it enables them to connect with local cultures and communities in an intimate way. The causes they are work on often contribute positively to the environment of that region. Volunteering is getting popular world […]

Top International Volunteering Organisation for Students

You know what your calling is, but your parents are skeptical about its future. What to do? We are living in the times when we have loads of choices to convert our passion in a fulfilling career choice. While you will intuitively know that you have to follow certain stream […]

5 ways to convince parents about your choice of field?

Climate change has become a global reality now and governments are trying to minimize its effect world over. Implementing the concept of sustainable development is going to be crucial in our fight against the climate change. Environmental engineers are foot soldiers of this fight. These professionals are responsible for creating […]

What is the scope of a career in environmental engineering?

Knowing multiple languages is a sign of active brain and intelligence. If you are thinking to make a career out of it, then you might be on right track. Translators and interpreters are in great demand nowadays as globalization is integrating economies based on various languages. The role of translator […]

Why is Translating a hot career option? Read all about ...

Film making is an art as well as science. A film maker has to deal with creative aspects of the film such as scripting, dialogues and storyline along with very technical aspects such as camera angles, color tones and sound as well. Therefore, training from the top industry professionals is […]

Top 5 Film Making institutes in India

Applications are invited for the Goa Education Trust Scholarship for study in UK. Coverage & Highlights Opportunity for students to obtain higher education degrees from top UK Universities in various disciplines including Journalism, Education, Ancient History and Law. The Goan Education Trust (GET) scholarship covers full/part tuition fees (check the […]

Goa Education Trust Scholarship 2016 for study in UK

A few decades ago, someone who paints would be looked down upon and pushed to a corner to keep it as a hobby only. Luckily, such is not the case right now! People with artistic bend in the minds now have more support with career opportunities more than ever before. […]

Top 4 Career options for people with artistic minds

Often demonstrating high level problem-solving abilities, left-brained people are characterized by sequential and logical thought. While creative and intuitive people find their niche in artistic field, logical and analytical individuals flourish well in technical and highly critical problem solving avenues. Here are 5 best career options best suited for students […]

5 best careers options for logically smart students

If you love numbers and have the ability to solve complex mathematical problems with speed and precision, a host of good career options awaits you. While creative and intuitive people find their niche in artistic field, logical and analytical individuals flourish well in technical and highly critical problem solving. There […]

Top 6 career options for students who are good with ...

Verbal skill is a quintessential tool for any individual applying for wide range of job opportunities in today’s world. Barring few jobs almost every second opportunity requires one to possess exceptional communication and inter-personal skills. What if one is good technically but poor in communication? Though having technical skills is […]

7 jobs that require good communication skills

Spatial ability is generally viewed as the brain’s ability to perceive, process and imagine information about the physical universe. An exceptionally spatial-skilled is able to picture shapes in the brain without looking at them. Thus, a spatially intelligent person tends to learn visually. Though everyone has varying degrees of spatial […]

Careers for students with good spatial ability

From aerospace industry to your shower room, the applications of ceramics are clearly visible across the human life. The ceramics and its engineering has driven change in the world of technology for decades now. Products like space shuttles tiles, artificial teeth, airframes and engines involve some serious work of ceramic […]

Why Ceramic Engineering is a good career choice

The discovery of metals and alloys was most important mile stone for the human civilization after the invention of wheel. It changed the way human created tools and used them in the day to day life. In modern times, metallurgical engineering is most developed branch of the engineering and it […]

Metallurgy, an unique emerging career

Are you one of those people who enjoy being transported to unknown lands, to meet unfamiliar people and cultures through the medium of books? Do you consider your day incomplete if you haven’t read a page a day? Then you are supposed to be doing your bachelors in lingua franca […]

Career options after B.A. in English Literature

One business that can never perish in the near future is – medicine. If you don’t have inclination for working in the labs to discover a medicine, but instead love to research, market and bring the medicine to the world, then MBA in Pharmaceuticals is for you. What is MBA […]

Why and Where of MBA in Pharmaceuticals

Almost all those of grueling hours we spent in school, how many of them actually helped us to face the big bad world and its surreal realities? Life is the best teacher and often the most priceless lessons about life and about our very selves in particular are learnt outside […]

Travelling is the greatest educational gift to oneself