A few decades ago, someone who paints would be looked down upon and pushed to a corner to keep it as a hobby only. Luckily, such is not the case right now! People with artistic bend in the minds now have more support with career opportunities more than ever before. […]

Top 4 Career options for people with artistic minds

Often demonstrating high level problem-solving abilities, left-brained people are characterized by sequential and logical thought. While creative and intuitive people find their niche in artistic field, logical and analytical individuals flourish well in technical and highly critical problem solving avenues. Here are 5 best career options best suited for students […]

5 best careers options for logically smart students

If you love numbers and have the ability to solve complex mathematical problems with speed and precision, a host of good career options awaits you. While creative and intuitive people find their niche in artistic field, logical and analytical individuals flourish well in technical and highly critical problem solving. There […]

Top 6 career options for students who are good with ...

Verbal skill is a quintessential tool for any individual applying for wide range of job opportunities in today’s world. Barring few jobs almost every second opportunity requires one to possess exceptional communication and inter-personal skills. What if one is good technically but poor in communication? Though having technical skills is […]

7 jobs that require good communication skills

Spatial ability is generally viewed as the brain’s ability to perceive, process and imagine information about the physical universe. An exceptionally spatial-skilled is able to picture shapes in the brain without looking at them. Thus, a spatially intelligent person tends to learn visually. Though everyone has varying degrees of spatial […]

Careers for students with good spatial ability

From aerospace industry to your shower room, the applications of ceramics are clearly visible across the human life. The ceramics and its engineering has driven change in the world of technology for decades now. Products like space shuttles tiles, artificial teeth, airframes and engines involve some serious work of ceramic […]

Why Ceramic Engineering is a good career choice

The discovery of metals and alloys was most important mile stone for the human civilization after the invention of wheel. It changed the way human created tools and used them in the day to day life. In modern times, metallurgical engineering is most developed branch of the engineering and it […]

Metallurgy, an unique emerging career

Are you one of those people who enjoy being transported to unknown lands, to meet unfamiliar people and cultures through the medium of books? Do you consider your day incomplete if you haven’t read a page a day? Then you are supposed to be doing your bachelors in lingua franca […]

Career options after B.A. in English Literature

One business that can never perish in the near future is – medicine. If you don’t have inclination for working in the labs to discover a medicine, but instead love to research, market and bring the medicine to the world, then MBA in Pharmaceuticals is for you. What is MBA […]

Why and Where of MBA in Pharmaceuticals

Almost all those of grueling hours we spent in school, how many of them actually helped us to face the big bad world and its surreal realities? Life is the best teacher and often the most priceless lessons about life and about our very selves in particular are learnt outside […]

Travelling is the greatest educational gift to oneself

Smartphones help you work smart. Gone are the days when hard work had a more exalted position than smart work. Today when internet has literally enslaved us, smartphones have become indispensable to us anywhere and everywhere! Here are a top 10 ways smartphones have revolutionized our studies and the way […]

How Smartphone help you in Classrooms?

Human beings by basic nature are raw and adventure loving. The love for adventure gave rise to adventure sports like mountaineering, cycling, scuba diving and paragliding, things that our ancestors did as part of their daily lives! India has diverse mountain ranges and topography resulting into many aviation sports and […]

Top paragliding institutes in India

Social sciences as an academic and career prospect was not a very exciting option for Indian students up until now. However, recently there is a subtle shift from the traditional attraction to engineering and medical fields, as interest in social sciences is seeing a steady growth as a viable career […]

Top Social Science Colleges in India

There was a point in our childhood where we would use the word ‘pyscho’ without giving a second thought about what it means and how it could affect a person. However, with more education and availability of information, we now recognise the importance of this fragile and the most important […]

Career prospects for a Psychologist in India

Do you ever get inspired by the anchor of favourite TV show or news channel? If you have at least once tried to imitate them in front of the mirror then you must give a thought about being an anchor on television. An ideal anchor would be the one who […]

Steps to becoming a successful TV anchor in India

The youth of twenty first century is known to be a risk taker. This adventurous bunch is ready to explore unknown territories and create their own path even when it comes to their career. The youngsters in India are getting rid of typical 9 to 5 jobs offered in common […]

How to be a professional Scuba Diver in India

India is known for its Bollywood dance and musicals all over the world. Dance forms such as Bharatanatyam and Kathak have history of almost thousand years. The art of dance has evolved from traditional cults to more freedom loving forms of expression. Today India is brewing all sorts of dance […]

Which are the best Dance Schools in India?

The workforce of any organization, big or small, includes skilled and diligent team players for the organization to become a lasting success. The crucial decision making of whom to recruit as an employee by gauging his/her orientation, training and skill assessment are all done by the Human Resource Management team. […]

What are the careers in HR?

Applications are invited for the scholarship under the Prime Minister’s Scholarship Scheme (PMSS) from the dependent wards / widows of Ex-servicemen and Ex-Indian Coast Guard personnel pursuing Professional Degree Courses, duly recognized by the respective government regulatory bodies such as MCI, AICTE and UGC etc., Highlights: Amount of Scholarship – […]

Prime Minister’s Scholarship Scheme 2015-16 (PMSS)

ONGC offers Scholarships worth Rs. 48,000/- per annum to meritorius SC/ST students. The ONGC Scholarship is for students pursuing professional courses in engineering, medical stream and masters degree course in business administration, geology and geophysics *50% Scholarships are reserved for Girl Students. Highlights Scholarships are open for studies in India […]

Scholarships worth Rs 48,000 per annum under ONGC Scholarship

So, you can Dance, and dance really well. Now, all you want to know is whether you can fuel this passion and skill of yours in to a successful career? The answer is yes, you definitely could. If you are daring enough to look for a career in dancing, then […]

Is there a real career in Dancing?

The other day a friend of mine looked upset. On asking her the reason,  she replied – ‘I just burned 200 calories yesterday. Need to work out more’. I was a little startled at first by the specifics that she mentioned. It was later I learnt that one could track […]

3 Streams to choose in becoming a Mobile App Developer

Finally your dream has come true, you are standing at that juncture where you are perplexed about now what to commit to for the next 3 years of your life? It is of utmost importance, then, not only to know all those branches of dentistry, offered in MDS, before you […]

How to choose an MDS specialisation and college

Any professional course is not easy! BDS is no exception to it. It is better to join the course with a clear cut idea about what your career prospects are once you finish the course. BDS offers multiple career options, and it is better to know them right now, and […]

8 Career opportunities after BDS

You have made a decision about what you want to pursue for higher studies, but you are still in two minds about which college to commit to? It has now come down to a question of your choice. Eleanor Roosevelt once said, “One’s philosophy is not best expressed in words; […]

How to choose the best college for your course?

Volunteering or the act of offering your services for free for an undertaking or organization is the most unpopular act. However, the benefits associated with volunteering are endless. One such benefit might well be about shaping your future career. Read on to know more on how volunteering impacts your career […]

How volunteering work helps achieve career goals

Teaching is not a lost art, but the regard for it is a lost tradition, said Jacques Barzun the famous American educational philosopher. In our country, for many, wanting to become a teacher, especially a school teacher is often a choice of convenience rather than ambition. Most young women, especially, […]

How to be a Teacher, Lecturer or Professor in India

Geography classes in school was that time of the day when we all travelled to unknown lands through international waters beyond borders without moving an inch from the familiarity of our classrooms. Being a field of science dedicated to the study of the lands, its features and inhabitants and various […]

What careers are related to Geography?

As the global temperatures increase due to the climate change, the focus of scientists are shifting on the oceans. Many experts have already predicted the rise in sea levels because of rapidly melting glaciers. To counter climate change, scientists consider Oceanography as one of the best routes to figure out […]

Explore deep blue seas through a career in Oceanography

Each one of us aspired, one time or the other, after watching tense court-room scenes in movies and television series, to be a criminal lawyer. In real life, these criminal lawyers are modern day superheroes for many. They deal with human life and make sure that criminals go behind the […]

Skills needed to be a good Criminal Lawyer