Have an idea to solve a world problem? Share it and win 5 lacs scholarship from Virigin Atlantic

Sir Richard Branson, founder of Virgin Atlantic airlines has announced 5 lacs scholarship for international students planning to study in the US and UK.

Students need to share their vision to solve a problem to claim this unique scholarship.

The young students have to share how they plan to use their education to actually solve a problem the world is facing today.

The student whose idea appeals the most to him will win the scholarship.

Branson, who is the President of Virgin Atlantic says, “Young people are the planet’s future. While students work hard to fulfill their academic ambitions, it’s important to remind them that education is not just a means to an end of getting a job and earning money. With the privilege of education comes the responsibility to give back and help others.”

“Every generation owes it to the next to try to solve the problems humanity faces and to care for our beautiful planet. My advice is to be bold, challenge the status quo and believe in yourself. Virgin Atlantic welcomes students on board as you begin your worldly adventures.”

What it means is that scholarship is not free, while students also get to work on the problems of the world and understand that life is not only about earning money, but also giving back something to the society.

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