Is an Executive MBA really worth it?

The verdict is out. An Executive MBA is the best compared to other MBA programs, and here is what Patty Keegan, Associate Dean, University of Chicago’s Booth School of Business Executive MBA North America programme has to say, in her interview to the Chicago Business.

The EMBA program is really designed for people to take the knowledge that they gain in the classroom, and with their fellow classmates, and apply it in the workplace.

This exactly is what we had mentioned in our article on E-MBA (here)

If you’re employed and looking to change careers or position yourself for a promotion, it makes sense to consider an executive education course in finance, marketing or accounting, or even an EMBA, a fast-track program that allows mid-career professionals to take classes on nights and weekends. That extra education can fill gaps in your résumé and assure higher-ups that you’re committed to taking your career to the next level. If you’re unemployed, however, an executive education course or EMBA may not pay dividends quickly enough to merit the expense.

Still, “if you’re at the right place in your career, an executive MBA is the right choice, whether you’re recently unemployed or gainfully employed,” says Michael Desiderio, executive director of the nonprofit Executive MBA Council in Orange, Calif.

In Short, an E-MBA, with all the hectic schedule of work that a student undertakes complete it (as discussed here), will surely help a student in professional growth.

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