MBA gives you an edge at entry level roles

Here is a very inspiring interview with W. Bret Wilson, a hugely successful Canadian Entreprenuer and Philanthropist.

In this interview, to the newspaper ‘The Globe And Mail’, he gives an important aspect of how MBA helped him not just earning a degree, but building working relationship with his colleagues at the management school, and finally a great advice to fresh MBA aspirants.

He points out how, as an entreprenuer he is biased towards opting to hire a student with MBA than a student who is not.

This is a very important factor, as at the entry level roles, an MBA from a good institute might just have an edge from others.

The advice that he gives to students is: learn marketing, entrepreneurship and philanthropy. Without an understanding of these you will not understand business.

Finally, he ends it with a brilliant quote, “Until you can sell it, you have no product and until you can sell it at a profit, you have no business.”

Read the full interview – HERE

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